Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Landon is 8 months...and more summer fun!

We have had a semi-busy summer so far. I have been trying to do my best to not fill up our days with stuff. Being at home sometimes is kind of really nice! We have had a few things sprinkled here and there so far this summer...including Landon turning 8 months old!

Landon is such a fun little guy! He is still busy as ever!! We can not take our eyes off of him for a minute, because there is no telling where he would be!! I do not know his measurements or anything, but I think he is around 20 lbs. He wears 12 months clothes. He has no teeth yet...following in his oldest sissies footsteps. He LOVES music. His favorite artist is local Hannah Huston from the Voice. He even had the honor of meeting her!

We visited the beach for the first time this summer. My sister came along with us and a friend met us there with her kids. All of the kids enjoyed their time! The kids love building sand forts and Landon loved floating in a tube with me!

We have also been trying to go to a local aquapark at least once a week. We have such a good time there! Our kids are such little is so fun to watch. Easton started jumping off the high dive this year and Weston started scaling the lily pads successfully...apparently those things are big deals!

The girls, Landon, and I...along with two neighbor girls...met Hannah Huston. She placed 3rd on NBC's the Voice. She is a Grand Island native and friends with some of our friends. She was so nice!

Katelyn and Easton both finished ball! They had a good season and made a few new friends. Kate will be doing dance next year and Easton wants to do we will see what he chooses for his sport.

The kids did VBS at our friends church last week. It had a sports theme. Joc did archery...and apparently was quiet the hit.

Easton fished all week.

Katelyn did vocal music.

Weston did a regular VBS with an ocean theme. Our church isn't doing VBS this year due to construction.

We have been busy with archery. Joc competed at the State 4H archery tournament. She placed 5th in the 3D division and 8th in a different type of shoot where you shoot a regular target. She had some tough competition, but I am proud at her for wanting to give it a shot even though she has only been shooting for less than a year now.

Joc shot with these girls

Both of the girls shot in our local Hall county 4H shoot over the weekend. We will find out how they do in a few weeks!

Sean's work had their annual picnic at the shooting park. They had shooting events going on, lunch, and some blow up activities for the kiddos. It is always fun seeing everyone....but this year it was super hot out!!


The girls went to church camp this week, so it was just the boys and I. Easton had quiet the agenda.

We went fishing one morning. Shot archery and went to thr library a different morning. Today we took it easy and just went to the Dr to get some blood work done for me. I am having tingling issues, so pray for me if you can. So far everything came back ok and we are still waiting on one more test.

The girls are home now and they had a great time at camp. They are exhausted as expected...I can not even imagine how their leaders are feeling!

Well that is our summer so far in a nut shell! We head out on vacation soon and I can not wait! It has been two years since we have gone on vacation as a I can hardly contain myself!!



Friday, May 20, 2016

Celebrating 12 years!

Sean and I celebrate 12 years of marriage today! We were talking about how a lot has happened in the last 12 years--

5 kids, 3 houses and cities, 4 jobs, and lots of memories made!

This year we celebrated by going out to eat and Jocelyn shooting at the 4-H State archery tournament. Sean surprised me with a new ipad. That was a surprise as I wasn't expecting anything. He kept asking me if I wanted anything and all I could think of was I wanted a new ceiling fan in our bedroom. I am saving my American Girl doll money and taking Sean to Alaska for our 13th I can not wait!! I need some kid free time!


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Landon is 7 months old!

As everyone says--time sure flies when you are having fun! Landon turned 7 months last week!

He is an extremely busy little guy! We can't take our eyes off him for two seconds otherwise he is dumping out the dog water, climbing up the stairs, playing with knick knacks, or playing in the trash cans! Fun times! It has taken a while to get back into the swing of things of having a little guy around our house, but so far, so good!

Some new tricks he has is that he is almost standing on his own! He is also walking around the furniture, so he may be our earliest walker. For the sake of his knees, I hope he walks soon, because we plan on spending a lot of time at the pool this summer! I have a feeling he will love it, because he loves water! I can't wait! I got his little raft and lifejacket all ready to go!

He doesn't have any teeth yet, as he is following in his sister Jocelyn's footsteps! She only had 4 teeth when she turned 2! So far he loves every food that we have fed him. His favorite is when Jocelyn shares her banana with him. He also likes ice cream and gets mad when it is all gone.

He is a pretty easy going baby! Everyone always asks us if he cries. He will rarely cry when we are out in public. He loves being out and about...and loves the outdoors! We needed an easy baby since we wag him along wherever we go. Sometimes he hangs out in his stroller for 3 hours while we shoot archery tournaments...and doesn't make a peep...he just watches on!

He loves, loves his people...especially his sissies and daddy. He visited Sean at work for the second time last week, and spent an hour there without me. He just snuggled up and fell asleep. He also loves me so much he misses me at nights and wakes up several times to visit. We did have one good night, so I know he can make it all night! I can't wait to have my nights back! I drag most days! Here are a few pics of him throughout the last few weeks!

I have to contain him when I work out...
Joc taking a break from shooting to get a selfie!
My giggle boy!
His first bike ride!
Mother's Day!
Containment so I can get ready!
Celebrating a full nights sleep with donuts!
Big sissies are the best!
We do have furniture, I promise!
My homemade gate didn't work
Practicing walking.
He loves music!
Hanging out at a tournament...I forgot toys...
Trying to squeeze thru
He loves showers!