Sunday, March 1, 2015

The funny things...ignorant people say!

Does anyone else ever dread going to Walmart?  Maybe it is just me. I cringe when I actually have to go there.  Especially in the evenings or weekends.  There is usually only one lane open except for the self checkout lanes, the aisles are jammed packed, and I can never find what I am looking for.  What makes the matter worse, is when I do go through a check-out lane with a live human employee...sometimes I just want to shake my head after leaving.

I had to run in really quick with the kiddos last week.  To my surprise a lane was actually open with a check-out gal!!  First time in while...I felt I won the jackpot!  Of course I get the usual question...oh are you guys off of school...or all sick!  Seriously lady...we are probably getting sick by just being here...can't wait to bathe in hand sanitizer in the car...anyways...I responded the typical way saying..."no we home school, so our schedule is pretty flexible".

Usually when I answer this question, I get a polite response of "oh how nice" or "I could never do that" or something to that effect.  To my surprise, that was not the response.  Well actually I was at Walmart...I shouldn't have been shocked.  She continues to say..."Oh poor kids!  Don't you think they are missing out!"  Ha, ha...really?!  If only there wasn't a line of a million people waiting in this one check out lane and I had 4 wiggly kids that wanted to go home just as much as I wanted to...I wanted to respond like this...instead of the polite..."no, I do not think they are." 

Like a friend told me a while have to be a rebel to homeschool your kids and not really care what others think.  I am with her on that one...I could care less at this point what others think, but this Walmart employee got under my skin.  I may just print out my response and hand it to her next time I see her....hmmm....

So here it goes:

Dear Ignorant Walmart Employee,
I am so sorry I did not have time to adequately respond to your ignorant reply to why my kids were not in school.  I would have loved to spend time to chit-chat with you, but because you were the ONLY live person checking out on that fine lovely day, I couldn't ask you to sit down with some hot cocoa and talk about homeschooling.
Yes there are pros and cons to every decision that families make.  Homeschooling, public schooling, private schooling etc.  Pros and Cons! 
But when you said "Don't you think you kids are missing out by homeschooling!"  What the heck did you mean by that?  I could have responded in the same way if I found out that your kids (if you have any) go to a public school.  Don't YOU think your kids are missing out?  Missing out on what?
It is a matter of perspective.  Sure they are missing out on some things.  Any kid that goes anywhere private, public, homeschooling are "missing out" on something. 
Some schools don't offer certain sports because their enrollment levels can't justify having a team.  Some schools offer different clubs and activities than the next school down the road.  Some schools have more dances and special events than others.  Some schools have more cliches, bullies, jocks, deadbeats, smart kids etc that the one in the next town over.  Some schools have better teachers.  Better students.  Worse students.
Sure my kids are missing out on somethings, but your child is too...and so is everyone else that is going to whatever type of schooling they are involved with. It is a matter of perspective.
To many peoples' surprise home schoolers do have sports teams that travel around and compete.  They can get college scholarships.  They can join clubs or even be part of bands and orchestras.  We do have proms and formals (at least in Nebraska we do).  We can travel any time during the school year to see places around the world and the United States when they aren't crowded during the summer/Christmas months.  We can go on field trips any time we want to where ever we want!  We can explore special interests of a child instead of what a school feels is best for everyone!  We can slow down or speed up the progress of each individual child!  We don't have to test or teach a certain way.  We can get extra sleep & naps when needed!  Oh how they are needed here sometimes!  My girls don't have to put up with a few snotty neighborhood girls everyday at school.  We honestly can have the same opportunities if not more that going to a traditional school.  It is just a matter of perspective and how much time and effort a family and child team want to make. 
So in conclusion...lovely Walmart Employee...I am curious what you meant by "missing out".  In my opinion everyone is missing out in some way if you really think about it...but I feel that we are doing just fine with where we are at with our homeschooling journey!
A very happy homeschooling mama!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Sometimes I need a little push!

A few weeks ago we had unexpected snowstorm that pretty much caught everyone off guard. We had a jammed packed day planned...but it was kind of nice having an unexpected day home instead. I do not like driving in snow at all. So if I really do not have to be anywhere...then we are home!

At lunch Sean, my lovely husband, said that I should take the kids to the hill to go sledding. Um...hello...I do not drive in snow. He said I would be fine and they would have fun. Plus everyone else was in school, so we would have first dibs at all of the fresh snow. So the risk taker that I am...(not) we slowly ventured out to the one hill in town...not joking. It is where the rubble of a tornado back in the 70's was piled. I had never been, so I had no clue where to park. We ended up parking in the wrong lot...quiet far from the hill. The kids and I were beat and windblown by the time we actually made it to the hill. Hats were flying off, gloves were being lost, I ended up carrying all of the sleds. It was so windy! But in the end 3 out of 4 kids had fun! Easton checked out earlier than the others. I tried to take lots of pictures but with the wind and was tricky!

Our trek to the hill!
Easton chose the small hill
I had to bribe them to leave...



Thursday, February 26, 2015

A few fun happenings:)

Yesterday I mentioned that I hadn't blogged in a while...I am vowing to do better:). I know my mom counts on it...

We have been pretty busy with activities. Soccer starts up soon for the Spring. Two littles will be playing. Then the other two will be playing t-ball and softball. Summer is already in full swing....only joking. But doesn't it seem like once summer events are being announcement schedules fill up fast! Looking forward to the summer...I am so done witht his cruddy winter weather!

We are part of two different homeschool groups so that keeps us pretty busy. Even if we are not taking part in a structured activity it is always nice to have friends around during the day to do things with.

This past week we went bowling with friends. So much fun! The kids hadn't been in a while!

We went the circus on Tuesday afternoon with some of the same friends. My kids just love the circus. It is nice that they change the acts up from year to year.

And we have just been plain busy with school and various classes that the kids take on the side like Art and Cooking.

Some sketches from Art class

Love our little life with these little munckins!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015!

I am a bit behind with blogging. I used to blog a few times every is my easy way of scrapbooking! I would love to get back to doing that...believe you me, I have a lot to write about and lots of pics waiting to share, but it is getting harder and harder to carve out a time to blog. Mornings are filled with school and afternoons are filled with errand running, working out, napping, my American girl doll business, and just getting caught up.

A few weeks ago our FOCUS homeschooling group held a Valentine's party! In all over 50 kids attended and it was a fun time had by all!

We played games!

All of the kids made Valentine boxes for the Valentine exchange!

The kids made Valentines for their dad's and we ate yummy treats!

A friend and I put together a whole bunch of photo booth props and had a little booth set up.

It was a such a fun time! Can't wait to see what next year holds!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So I have a new job...

Having a small business has always been a little dream of mine. From having garage sales with my mom when I was younger, to selling rocks and fools gold to neighbors. I also sold my artwork door to in trouble for that one. In high school I was the president of our Junior Achievement small business club and an active member of DECA (a Marketing Association). I was even an International top 10 winner for DECA my senior year with two other partners. I love business and Marketing and everything that has to do with it. After college I taught Marketing for 4 years and resigned when we started a family.

Because I was really bored while having 4 kids in 5 years...ok only joking on the boredom part....I have had several little money making ventures. I started off by handing painting signs with popular sayings. I sold quiet a few on ebay and Etsy. While doing that I also made baby burp rags, hair bows, and decorative onesies for babies. I was also an Uppercase Living consultant for a few years.

Since Facebook has become popular I have resorted to selling household items, clothes, kids things...anything you can think of on different buy & sell pages. It is easy money...even though I still love having garage can price your items a bit higher by selling on facebook.

Anyways, I have a new business venture of selling American Girl items. I started back in October and so far it has been doing quiet well. There will be slow periods over the course of the year, as with any business. Christmas time will obviously be the busiest time.

Relatives who have given the girls AG items, do no worry, I am not selling my girls' items. They would be pretty upset if I started doing that...but I am buying new AG items and reselling them on ebay or through facebook. I never pay full price except for a few limited girl of the year items. Girl of the year is a special doll that they only have for one year and then no longer sell. With the exception of the girl of the year items I almost always sell below retail value in the store...passing on great savings to others!

As I have been studying my new business over the past few months, American girl is a fascinating business. They have quiet a few different new items come out each year and then retire most and then come out a whole set of new items. If you can hold on to these items and keep them in good can resell them for more than they are worth when they were available in the store. Same goes for the dolls. If you buy a girl of the year, keep her brand new in the box and hold on to her...or play with her and resell her a few years later...whoola you have made money! Patience is the key...which sometimes I do not have...but I am learning. :)

I am not going to reveal everything that I do, but to give you an example, I received a small shipment of three very small new items and sold them in around an hour and made $21 profit. I still sold for less than retail..therefore a!

While studying about this business I am learning about doll care. Many people bulk at how much an AG doll costs. Just think of it as an investment. It really is if you can take care of them. They are fixable. Their hair may get snarly...but it is fixable. We have had to send one to the hospital to get a new head...thank you very much 4 year old little boy with scissors. My girls love, love, love playing with their dolls. We plan to keep them to pass on to future grandkids.

Here is a little snippit of our last weekends project:

Here is my next weeks project...just waiting for it to arrive. It will be Katelyn's. She paid for part of it and then is doing "special" jobs, beyond her normal jobs to earn this. Isn't she a beauty:). Her name is Felicity. Now to find Jocelyn something similar...

I can not wait to see how the next year goes with my new little venture!



Monday, December 15, 2014

It has been a while...

Sorry for my lack of blog posts...(mom). Things have been busy here! This week we only have a few things going on...thank goodness! I am still trying to catch my breath from last week from traveling to Omaha, Christmas parties, slumber parties, and other activities! We plan on taking two weeks off from school around the holidays...and we are all looking forward to that. Love teaching my kiddos, but a break will be nice!

The kids have been busy with school! Easton our kindergartener is catching on to things, so that is fun! He would much rather be playing with his little brother...which is totally fine with I squeeze in school here and there throughout the day. His reading has really picked up. He is working on time and counting money in Math.

The girls are staying busy with their normal subjects. We are still doing our country studies...we are all learning a lot! Right now we are in Greece...such fun, fun things out there!

There are so many opportunities locally for homeschoolers....between PE, Art, Cooking, and homeschool Science we stay pretty busy!

Here are a few pics from our days!

Weston working on letters and numbers
Number identification
Easton spelling out his reading words
Fun with Fractions!
Easton counting pennies
Wes tracing his letter with goop...
Kate helping with an experiment at the Omaha museum
Joc working on designing the Parthenon on Minecraft
Wes working on writing his letters
Waiting for the laser light show at Edgerton
Laser light show
Edgerton homeschool class
Learning about lights and lasers
Easton playing store for Math
Joc designing a 4H project

Happy Monday!!