Sunday, January 12, 2020

Getting back into routine!

Last week was one of “those” weeks.  Anyone struggle with getting back into routine after taking a few weeks off from school?  
I felt super focused and was ready to get back into the swing of things.  The kids....not so much!
I was a mean mom and even made a few unnamed children finish on a Saturday.  Gasp!  They had no excuse for not getting their school work done during the week!

We started a few new things.  
Weston is learning the states and capitals.  Easton is reviewing them, as he learned them a few years ago.  We use an ap on my ipad, worksheets, puzzles, and many different games.

The boys took a Survival 101 class on Outschool.  It was a 3 day course (55 minutes each class).  Their teacher was from Hawaii...still lives there as well!  They LOVED the class and want to take the follow-up,  Survival 202, but it is the same time as our NASP archery class, so maybe she will offer it again another time.  

Jocelyn started an online class on Outschool.  It is different having her turn in work to another teacher for a grade.   Even though the first week was a lot of extra work, she really enjoyed it.  This class lasts 8-weeks.  She is also starting an online watercolor class tomorrow.  She can’t wait!

We love Outschool! If you want more info...I have a link to the right under my kids pics.  It is amazing what classes they offer!!

Katelyn isn’t interested in taking a class on Outschool....but I may make her...because I am mean mom like that!  :/:)

Landon.  Oh Landon.  Our little four year old.  We do school here and there.  I try to keep his attention with fun games and activities, but he would rather just play, do his ninja skills, and shoot everyone with nerf bullets!  He will learn his letters one of these days right?!  
Pictured below is a box Landon played with all week.  He painted and decorated it with stickers.  

Well we have another busy week coming up.  Life with the kiddos is non-stop!  

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Christmas break projects!

Christmas break is a time for the kids and I to take a break from school and work on projects we normally can’t fit in (or don’t want to) during the normal school week.  

We squeezed in a quick trip to Missouri to visit family.  It is always nice to see everyone.

We are pretty much always sick during break...and so Landon, Easton, Sean, and I were sick with various things.  Landon was the worse...which means I got a lot done as he wasn’t busy as he usually is.
Jocelyn worked on a 4-H project and a wall tapestry for our laundry bathroom wall.  These things are expensive to buy (and make😬), but hey I got the colors I wanted.  

I also made one for a different wall in the bathroom.

I took Katelyn to shoot quit a bit.  She is trying to decide what bow she will start shooting for 4-H competitions, as indoor state is only a few weeks away.  She is pretty sure she wants to start shooting her barebow that she shoots for National Archery in the Schools.

Easton and Weston have laid low over Christmas break.  They have enjoyed their airsoft guns and their ipads a bit too much.  Ipad free days will start up again soon!!  
Little Landon went to Walmart and spent some birthday and Christmas money from his grammy and poppy.  He got a few action guys and an army set.  He loves these barbie sized guys!

I am sad that Christmas break is coming to and end...but excited for the new semester to begin!!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

I might be back...

Hello all....mostly my mom I am sure!  I am toying with the idea of blogging again.  I am not sure anyone reads blogs anymore, but I figure the internet isn’t going away anytime soon and blogging was my way of scrapbooking for our kids.  My last real blog post was three years ago.  Yikes!  

I stopped blogging for a few reasons...some that I won’t discuss.  I can say that life also got busy.  Homeschooling five kiddos takes a lot of time...but teaching is what I love to do, so I am not complaining.  This is the stage of life we are in.  As the kids get older it seems our stages shift.

Teaching a high schooler is a bit more challenging as now things really count, so I really stay on top of her more so than I used to.

I am back to teaching a preschooler as well!  Most days he could care less...but when he does want to learn we have fun!  We have only made it to the letter M in the past two that is progress right?!  

Our 5th and 7th grader rarely need me schoolwise.  I just give them their daily assignments and they go to town.  Our 3rd grader is getting there with some subjects.  He gets distracted easily, so I set the timer for 45 minutes.  He works and then gets a break to play.  If I don’t, his schoolwork drags out all day!

I stay busy obviously with homeschooling, as I mentioned.  I also am heading into year four with my business Create   I love making shirts and decals for people.  My hubs asked me the other day how much business (moneywise) I have made since I started.  My mark-up is not that high as I feel like I am gifting a little bit to each customer...but I have made well over 1000 items...maybe 2000...I don’t keep track.  All of my business proceeds go into a vacation fund.  I like to take the kids on special trips in pairs...this next one will be just our boys.  I have also treated Sean to an Alaskan cruise.  I have worked since I was sixteen with many different types of start-ups...I just like doing something that is my own...and is fun at the same time.  The minute it stops being fun...I will start a different business!

Well I have gone on...Hopefully I will write again soon!

Thanks for reading!

Ps...I am not the best pardon all of the errors!

Here are a few pics of the kids from Christmas morning.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Keto Way

Hello Friends!

As I mentioned in my Facebook post, I am NOT an expert by any means on the keto eating way.  I am just sharing what has worked for myself, my husband, and my sister.  My husband has lost almost 30 lbs since January (he cheats quiet a bit, my sister lost 31 in 2 months, and I am at 10 lbs in 2 months.  I have lost weight all over…according to my husband.  😊  I also have a ton more energy! I have only taken 2 naps since I have started…which is REALLY good for me! 

The idea of keto is to eat a good combination of protein and fats and very little carbs.  Many people use a tracking ap.  I tried carbmanager and really liked it, however I am horrible at tracking things.  It was really eye opening though.  It would be helpful to use for anyone that likes that kind of thing.  If you are just starting out I would highly recommend doing this to see how you are doing as far as the combination of all three of those areas are going.

There are many keto websites out there.  I stumbled across   She has some great recipes, an easy to follow menu-plan, and a basic explanation of what keto is.  There is also a check-list of foods to avoid and foods to enjoy!  Breads, pastas, chips, sugary drinks, rice, cereals, juices are a no no.  There are more, so check out their list.  Things I forgot that had sugar—ketchup, BBQ sauce, and candied beets.  Darn!  I would highly recommend reading over this site.  Click on all of the pages.  Use this as your study guide and cheat sheet!  I still do after 2 months!  It looks like she is trying to sell her book or something…but you do not have to buy anything! 

As with any time you change the way you eat for the positive and then change back into your old habits you will gain the weight back.  So this is really a life style change in the way you eat.  You cheat…you will see the scale go in the direction that you don’t want it to move.  I have had bad days.  Eating a half bag of kettle corn popcorn set me back a few days.  Yikes!  Also do not weigh your self during the week that you are on your period.  You will not be pleased with what you see…so don’t do it! 

Media related items:

There are a TON out there!  Lots of ideas on pinterest, facebook groups, instagram posts, and cookbooks.  Just google and you will see.  Ketovale has been my go to.  A friend of mine really likes the facebook page:  Low Carb Journey (Cooking Keto with Kristie).    I like the FB page Keto for Beginners (It has food on their front cover).  There is a lot of drama on that page, so just keep scrolling if you see it!  If you are on Instagram and type in something related to Keto… you will see some awesome results and recipes!

Keep me posted! 

I would love to be your support (if you need it).  Let me know your progress!  If you need an accountability partner I will be more than happy to be there for you!  Feel free to FB message me or text me.   Won’t post that here, but message me on FB if that is easier.

Pros that I have found: 

-More energy.  If you have ever been pregnant…I feel like I am nesting. All.the.time.  Yikes! 

-Weight loss.   Yay!

-I feel full because I am eating items that will keep me full longer. 

-My sweet tooth only arises around 7pm or so after dinner.

-It is really easy to find things to make or in restaurants. 


-Some people may say it is a more expensive way of eating.  I never used to buy bacon and whipping cream in the past.  Shrimp was a rare thing.  So yes it can add up, but well worth it.  Shop sales!  Stock up when things go on sale!

-Keto-flu.  Many experience this within the first week or two.  I did not, but it is common.  Don’t let it stop you.  -Your body is adjusting to this new way of eating.

-Constipation.  Yikes.  I had one really bad day.  I upped my fiber pills and that solved that issue.

-Leg cramps.  I also had this really bad a few nights.  I added magnesium vitamins and this helped me.   Some people drink pickle juice instead. 

 Staple items in our house:

I try to make sure we always have these items on hand.  Everyone is different…so this is just for our family.

-BACON  Yummy!  To cook I just melt butter in a pan.  Put the bacon in (2 strips at a time).  Cover with a wood spoon and place a paper towel on the spoon.  No grease splatter.  We keep a can to drain the grease.  I clean out the pan, remelt butter and make an omelet.



-Cream cheese

-Sour Cream

-BUTTER…and lots of it!

-Whipping cream



-Olives  (Fresh Thyme has a great olive bar)



-Cheeses of all different varieties

-Strawberries are my go to fruit.  Sean likes pineapple.  But fruits are full of sugars so be careful!

-Meats of all varieties:  ham, (I use the little ham chunks for my omelets), steaks, pork chops, shrimp, chicken, ground beef, sausages.

-Water--DRINK A LOT!!!

What I eat:

I am probably pickier than most!  I personally do not care for peppers, onions, and I don’t eat a lot of vegetables.  Broccoli and spinach are my go to’s! 

Breakfast:  I eat this everyday with the exception of making pancakes a few times a month (recipe below)

2 pieces of bacon, an ham, egg, and cheese omelet. I dip my eggs in a spoonful of gauc and sour cream. Keeps me full until around 1pm or so. I usually force myself to eat around noon though because of schedules.

Lunch: if we don’t have leftovers...Most days I eat around 8 green olives, small gherkin pickles wrapped with cream cheese, a cheese-stick and I dip it in spoonful of guac.

Other days I may add a hard boiled egg or two and skip the cream cheese and ham.

If I want to mix it up I bake slices of pepperoni and they make hard chips.  I dip those into sour cream mixed with dry ranch seasoning.

Spinach salad, with cheese, hard boiled egg, meat, and a vinegerette is a great choice as well. 

Dinner: I try to have most of my meal be a meat item and then a side of vegetable like broccoli or spinach.  Some great things to try:

Burger with lettuce, bacon, cheese, mayo, guac and pickles.

Pulled Pork with salsa or pico, cheese, and guac

Grilled chicken with sautéed mushrooms

Peeled and devined shrimp cooked in butter

Steak with sautéed mushrooms

Large stuffed mushrooms with cream cheese, bacon and shredded cheese.  I improvise, but I am sure are some official recipes out there.

Bacon wrapped shrimp

Pork chops


My husband loves to make stuffed peppers with cream cheese and bacon.


A spoonful of cool whip/redi whip.

Sugar free jello.

Halo ice cream!  Oh my goodness!!  So good.  I have gotten the dairy free/soy free or the LIGHT ones by mistake.  Yuck.  But everyone’s tastes buds are different!  The ones that around 320-340 calories taste better—in my opinion. 

Peanuts in moderation.

Quest bars.  If I know I am going to be somewhere where I can not purchase food or I need a quick fix to stay full, quest bars are a really nice option.  I usually only eat half because that fills me up.

Lots of recipes on pinterest.  My sister has made one and I will include that recipe.  It was really, really good! 

This is the website where I got my start and realized that it wasn’t going to be that hard!  An actual meal plans with 99% of the foods I have actually heard of!

Recipes we have tried:

Chicken & Spinach w Bacon

One of our favorites. We leave out the onions though and most of the time substitute the cream cheese for whipping cream. We also tend to add broccoli if we have it on hand. I have tried this version and it is great as well. Peeled shrimp and sliced up sausages are also great! I make a similar variation at least once a week.

Creamy Garlic Butter & Shrimp

This is also one of our favorites! Very similar to the last one.

Creamy Shrimp Alfredo and Spinach
An easier recipe than the last, but with whipping cream.

Cream Cheese Pancakes

These are great and remind me of a crepe. I put butter on it, cool whip, and strawberries.


One of our favorites! I could eat this every day!

Chocolate Chip Keto Dough

My sister made this for us.  They were sooooo good!  Remember though—only eat in moderation. Don’t eat the whole thing in one setting as they are so good it is tempting!

Her recipe also has some yummy looking things that are on my—will make one day list!--

Thursday, December 29, 2016

An Online New Year's Letter from our Family to Yours!

An online New Year Letter from our Family to Yours!:)

This year has been filled with many exciting events for our household!

As Sean and I were looking back the other day we are amazed at how much we squeezed into one year with five kiddos in tow! Sean is still busy with his job at Hornady Manufacturing where he is the Director of Operations. He oversees manufacturing and really enjoys what he does. He spent a week hunting in Southern Missouri with Easton and Weston. They killed a buck, and the boys are proudly displaying the antlers in their room! He was also in three different archery leagues over the course of the year and has enjoyed spending time at the archery club here in town. Sean’s mother, Karen, passed away in October. Our family appreciated everyone’s kindness during that time.

Jocelyn turned 11 this summer and started 6th grade! She has developed a love for shooting archery. She is very competitive and has enjoyed winning a few competitions this past year. She was selected as the shooter of the year for our counties 4-H program and received Grand Champion for Archery! She played soccer at the beginning of the year, but has switched gears and is now in dance. When not shooting archery and dancing around, she enjoys crafting, baking, cooking, hanging out with friends, and playing with her baby brother.

Katelyn turned 9 this year and started the 4th grade! Like Jocelyn she also loves archery and dancing. She is not the most coordinated person, but we have been really impressed at how she did at their first dance recital. She worked so hard and did so well! She has also done great at several archery tournaments. She played softball over the summer. In her free-time she enjoys cooking gourmet egg recipes and baking mug cakes, crafting, hanging out with friends, talking, reading, and making slime!

Easton turned 7 and is in the 2nd grade! He loves building anything he can think of with his Legos and K’nex pieces. He amazes me as to what he creates. He is my “Johnny on the spot” and is always around to help with whatever needs to get done. He is such a hard worker, I miss him when he is not around! He also loves archery and has become quite good at it. He played soccer and baseball this past year and really enjoyed those sports.

Weston turned 6 last month and is in Kindergarten! He is learning how to read and is doing great at addition and subtraction in school. He is our shy one, but when he gets to talking, he never stops! He played soccer this past year and has developed a love for swimming. He has taken a while to get used to use shooting archery, but over these past few weeks he has improved by leaps and bounds—and is hitting the target on most shots! In his free-time he loves doing bike stunts, roller blading, playing with Lego people, playing with friends, and going on bike rides.

Landon turned one in October! He has been a delight and is such a good baby! He is a little spitfire though and keeps us on our toes. He is always on the go and it seems like he never stops! He loves food, shooting his play bows, sweeping, playing ball, and playing with his brothers and sisters!

I am busy with homeschooling the kids and keeping the house running. I started my third year coordinating a Christian homeschool co-op! It is a lot of work, but a lot of fun in return. I also learned how to shoot a bow and had a wonderful time shooting in various 3-D shoots around Nebraska. In my free-time….Oh wait…what free-time! I wouldn’t trade staying home with the kiddos for anything!

This past year was a year of discovering a new activity for the kids and me. It is fun to have something to do as a family! We also enjoyed a vacation in Colorado, a trip to a Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas, and lots of various fun things scattered throughout!

We have been blessed this past year and cannot thank our Lord Jesus Christ enough for providing us with a daily assurance, that even though we enjoy (for the most part) our life here
on Earth that something better is waiting for us.

For by HIS GRACE we are SAVED through FAITH in our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

With Love, Sean, Julie, Jocelyn, Katelyn, Easton, Weston & Landon McGee

Monday, December 12, 2016

Busy days!

We have had a busy month with lots of different things going on! We joined our Science museum again and the kids have enjoyed some of the homeschool classes over the past two months.  We took a year off from these classes, because they are kind of pricey if you are not a member.  
This past week the class was about levers, pivots, and catapults.  Each child made a little catapult and had a paper ball war at the end.  It was a great time.
The girls had their first dance recital.  It was a lot of work to prepare for it, but they both did a great job.  They are getting ready for competiton season and are traveling as far as Rochester.  They are pretty excited!
My parents are abandoning us once again and heading south, so we had them over for a nice lunch...along with my sis!
They also babysat the kids so Sean and I could go to his work party and party hard until 10pm...lam-o.  We are getting old!  The party was nice though!
The kids also made gingerbread houses.  I had a chiro appointment and I came home to Joc coordinating this activity.  They turned out pretty good!
Of course archery is keeping us busy!  The kids go shoot usually 2-3 times a week and Sean shoots quiet a bit.  We got awards form the quad shoot that we shot this past Spring/Summer.  I even got a plaque!  Landon is holding it in the pic!
We volunteer at a nursing home.  This month the kids read to the residents and some even read to us.  We also watched a VHS tape of Bing Crosby singing....interesting, but the residents enjoyed it.
I taught the girls how to sew a pair of shorts.  Both of the girls would like to be in the 4-H fashion show this next summer.  They have been out of town for the past 2 years, so we are hoping they will be around this year!
Landon is keeping us busy!  He turned 14 months today!  
Some days we do school on the spend the day at the Science Center doing Science or doing home-ec like making gingerbread houses and cleaning!  We do actual school as well, but I haven't taken very many pics.  I did have a flashback moment of my keyboard teaching days...I was giving Easton a verbal keyboard test and had him cover his hands while typing.  He did pretty good on the test!
Whelp that is our last few weeks in a nut shell!     

Pamper yourself Spa party!

A few weeks ago while three of our boys were away hunting the girls threw a spa party.  They invited a few of their homeschooling friends over, planned some activities, made food, and put me in charge of painting nails!  I am not into this whole beauty thing...but I did my best to stay in the lines...a little!  It was a nice little get together!