Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Landon turns 1!

Oh what a year it has been!!   We were blessed with Landon Owen at 8:33PM one year ago today!  He weighed 10 lb 4 oz and was 22 1/2 inches in length.  He has grown like a weed since then and is already in 18-24 month clothes!  He is such a fun little guy!  He loves playing with all of his siblings and his dad.  He likes to wrestle, eat, pretend to shoot a bow, play with toy guns, and little cars.  He loves to run outside and throw balls. He also loves giving hugs and waving to people! He is extremely busy and keeps us on our toes.  He loves to climb onto tables, up bookshelves, and any chance he gets he heads upstairs or downstairs to see what he can get into next. I joked with people that Landon would never learn to crawl or walk because of being doted on non-stop by his other mommies (our girls), however he was by far our earliest crawler at 5 months and walker at 9 months.  I guess he felt like he needed to try to keep up with everyone else. We haven't taken him to the doctor in a while, but according to our scale he weighs around 23 lbs and is 32 inches tall!  He is the 100% percentile for growth and weight!  Yikes! We are celebrating his birthday on Saturday!  Hoping a few family members can make it!

Monday, September 12, 2016

School: One month in!

We are almost a month into this school year and so far, so good!  Do not get me wrong we have our bad days where I want to rip my hair out...but lately our good days have outweighed our bad! I love having more relaxed days of not being tied down to a strict schedule.  I love our new rotating schedule where we do not cover all subject every day.  I love that I can go at the pace of each of our kids and do activities catered to their own learning strategies.  We have played a lot of games, done quiet a few science experiments, and I have learned quiet a few things right along with our kiddos!  Love that I can repeat the 6th grade:) Here are a few pics of our past month!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Nebraska State Fair 2016!!

One of our kiddos favorite things to do is go to the Nebraska State Fair! If you live in Nebraska and have never been, you should check it out at least once! We always have so much fun! It always starts the weekend before Labor Day and concludes on Labor Day.

This year we broke up our visit into 3 major trips and then 2 concerts. You could really do the entire fair in one day, but with the baby and different friends joining us for various things, we did it this way.

This post is a major picture overloaded post!

We always start off our day at the Nebraska Game and Parks exhibit. My kids love this area...we could probably spend an entire day playing here.
The Omaha's Children Museum signed a three year contract with the fair...this year they had a dinosaur exhibit!
Of course our kids had to shoot archery and bb guns!
The girls got all blue ribbons for their 4-H entries. Kate had a painting that made it and Joc had a cherry coffee cake and painting.
The petting zoo is always fun!

Our first show was a flying circus type show. Every year there are new shows!
Landon loved all of the shows!
The kids love the birthing center. Lots of new babies this week!
Free ice cream!
Landon made a new friend...the fire hydrant...he later discovered his new friend was also in our front yard....
Lots of street entertainers!
The kids were digging for prizes
Jessica was at the Edgerton booth and had some fun interactive stations!
We always try to sit and chat with Bobbie--the lady on the stick!
End of day one!
Sean and I waiting for thr Cam and Lady Antebellum concert!
Day 2: checking out the onsite hay bales. Many local businesses decorate hay bales around town!
BMX stunt riders. I guarantee my boys learned some new bike tricks!
The boys rode on the combines around the race track!
Lumbrjills show!
White Tiger show!
Joc, Landon, and I could not get into the monkeys riding a dog show, so we visited the horses...darn old timers...they flooded the shows the day we devoted for show year we will know not to go on old timers day!
Kate was a cheerleader for our section at the pig races!
More street entertainers.
We joined some friends and did the rides on Thursday afternoon.
Girls and I met my friend Michelle and her daughter at the Chris Tomlin concert. It was so much fun!!

The count down begins for next year!!