Monday, December 15, 2014

It has been a while...

Sorry for my lack of blog posts...(mom). Things have been busy here! This week we only have a few things going on...thank goodness! I am still trying to catch my breath from last week from traveling to Omaha, Christmas parties, slumber parties, and other activities! We plan on taking two weeks off from school around the holidays...and we are all looking forward to that. Love teaching my kiddos, but a break will be nice!

The kids have been busy with school! Easton our kindergartener is catching on to things, so that is fun! He would much rather be playing with his little brother...which is totally fine with I squeeze in school here and there throughout the day. His reading has really picked up. He is working on time and counting money in Math.

The girls are staying busy with their normal subjects. We are still doing our country studies...we are all learning a lot! Right now we are in Greece...such fun, fun things out there!

There are so many opportunities locally for homeschoolers....between PE, Art, Cooking, and homeschool Science we stay pretty busy!

Here are a few pics from our days!

Weston working on letters and numbers
Number identification
Easton spelling out his reading words
Fun with Fractions!
Easton counting pennies
Wes tracing his letter with goop...
Kate helping with an experiment at the Omaha museum
Joc working on designing the Parthenon on Minecraft
Wes working on writing his letters
Waiting for the laser light show at Edgerton
Laser light show
Edgerton homeschool class
Learning about lights and lasers
Easton playing store for Math
Joc designing a 4H project

Happy Monday!!