Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easton turns 7!!!

Easton turned 7 today! He is just about the most energetic little boy around. Well I guess he is not so little anymore! Easton is my helper! When he is sick, I miss him not being around. He is always fixing things and putting things back together! He enjoys archery, playing baseball, hunting, fishing, and soccer! He likes playing legos and k'nex! I have a feeling he will do something in the field of engineering, just like his dad!!

Easton had a "special day" with his friend Owen on Sunday. He came to church with us, out for pizza, shot archery, and played here all day. On his birthday he wanted to go to Coney Island with my sister and myself...and to the bank.
Here are a few pictures of Easton from this past weekend and from past birthdays!