Monday, January 4, 2016

A New Year!

Well it is a new year! I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. My favorite part of Christmas and New Years is Sean having the day off from work. The extra day with him is always nice! Seeing family is also a big bonus as well.

We were home on Christmas Day. My sister spent the day here with us. We had a nice time not having anywhere to go.

The day after Christmas we ventured down to Missouri to see family. We always have a great time visiting and watching the kids play with their cousins. Everyone is so busy with different activities, so a time when we are altogether is rare, so even if it is a few hours, it is worth it.

Poor Kenny...was a jungle gym.

On New Year's Eve we went over to a neighbors house for a bit and then rang in the clock striking midnight fast asleep! I think Katelyn was the only who made it to midnight. My sister came over on New Year's Day and we played games. Lots of fun now that the kids are old enough.

Looking back at last year it seemed like the entire focus was preparing for and having Landon. I found out I was pregnant with him on January 24th. We tried to stay busy with other things.

Two kids played soccer. Two played baseball/softball. We did co-op in the Spring and the Fall. We attended two weddings for my neices in Missouri and two weddings for some friends in Omaha. We attended the county and State fair. We spent the summer at the pool. We spent a lot of time playing outside and relaxing.

This next year I am looking forward to moving on now that Landon is here and getting settled in our little family.

I am not big into the whole new years resolution thing, but I do like to make some goals that lead me into the next year.

I want to be in the best shape of my life. Hopefully my back holds went haywire this weekend! I would like to do a little short distance races and work on firming up.

I would like to make better meals for the kids. More often than not meals include finding whatever you can and warm it up. I know they get sick of that, but sometimes our days are so busy, meals are the last thing on my mind.

I would like to make sure our house is a bit cleaner. It seems like I am picking up non-stop, but fall behind overall.

I would like to be a better mom. It seems like most days, partly because I am their teacher and home all day with them, I am constantly telling them to do this and do that and then do this. I know I can't do everything by myself and expect them to pitch in with set chores, but it is struggle sometimes being content that they can't do things perfectly and I need to be the one to train them up.

I would like to be a better wife. I know sometimes I am not pleasant to be around and a ball of stress trying to make sure everything is just right here.

I need to pray more for my kids, my family, myself, and for those who have yet to find Christ.