Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Branson vacation day 1 & 2

The kids and I headed to Branson yesterday to hang out and see family. Sean was not able to come this time around because of work commitments and clients coming into town, so we are missing him.

Yesterday the drive went well. I was hoping to make it in less than 10 hours and it only took 9...woot!!

The kids were bouncing off the walls when we got here. We headed out for dinner, drove around town, and then hit the pool for the rest of the evening.

Today we had a busy day. We woke up and headed to the beach first thing.

We then swam at the pool and ordered pizza.

After lunch we headed to the Landing and rode the ducks. I had reserved seats for the 3pm ride, however we happened to get there early so they switched us...thank goodness because by the time our ride was over it was pouring.

All of our kids except Wes got to drive the boat. He wasn't interested until right before the guide pulled the boat in the water so it was too late.

Wes took a nap after a while.

We toured the College of the Ozarks where my niece TP goes.

After we rode the ducks we had dinner at the ice cream place. The kids were excited about that. Of course I was only 1/2 serious about it being dinner. They are now munching on leftover bagels from yesterdays breakfast. Eating out for lunches and dinners are pricey!

We then visited the fish hatchery, the dam, and went on a hike.

One child neglected to bring his shoes and we were eaten alive by mosquitos! Still very nice though!

Fun day! Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds! Silver Dollar we come!!



Sunday, June 8, 2014

Checking off items on our bucket list!!

This summer we are continuing to check off the many places near Grand Island that I want the kids and I to visit. Last week we were supposed to start our big water park tour, however it ended up being a cold, breezy day, so we visited the Hastings Museum.

I have heard nothing but good things about this museum. The girls have been asking to go as soon as they heard there is a kool-aid exhibit. Apparently they thought there would be free samples of kool-aid or something. Such a treat that would be since I never buy they were very, very hopeful. But there dreams were samples were avalable.

My parents were camping in the area, so my mom joined us.

Included in the price of admission to the museum there was a planeterium that showed a 35 minute video. Kind of cool as it was projected on the dome ceiling. The topic was about the solar system and was in a cartoon format. The kids and I thought this was perfect timing since we are currently studying the planets in summer school! There are also Imax movies for a bit extra.

There is too much to mention from our here is a picture summary!

(Travel tip: for those planning a vacation to Grand Island and the Hastings can buy a membership to the Stuhr Museum and it is a dual membership to the Hastings Museum! We have already gotten our monies worth!)

After our visit we enjoyed some Hawaiian shaved ice...oh so yummy!