Monday, August 24, 2015

Jocelyn turned 10!

Jocelyn turned 10 two Fridays ago! Boy has time flown by! She is the most nurturing little girl...who is growing up fast on us! She enjoys anything artsy, American Girl dolls, hanging out with friends, and baking. She is a good big sister to her brother Weston and I can not wait to see her with Landon.

She begged and begged to have her first slumber party (with more than one friend). I wasn't too thrilled, because I have no extra energy reserves. Sean thought it would be fine, so she invited a few friends over. I was the "mean" mom that limited her invites. She would have invited a million more friends of given the choice. She is my social butterfly!

We started the morning with donuts! She opened up her gift from Sean and I...a backpack and an American Girl doll outfit. She wanted Chinese for lunch and no school.

At her party we had pizza and cupcakes.

I requested no presents...but most girls brought one anyways.

The girls did a scavenger hunt outdoors.

They designed carnival rides out of materials I had prebagged.

The girls dancing

Towards the end of the night they painted owls with acryllic and canvases.

After they were all snuggled away they watched a movie and again I was the mean mom and made them go to bed at midnight. Everyone was tired except my own two girls!















Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to school...week 2!

We started back go school earlier than the average Joe...last week on August 3rd. I was ready to get back into a routine. We tend to take quiet a few days off in the fall with co-op, field trips, and other things that might come up, so starting school early gives us a little more buffer room.

On my last post I shared what curriculum I am using for the year. A lot of new things in the mix...and so far we all kind of like the new things! Whew!

Because of the warmer weather I still feel we are in part summer, part school mode....we still have the State Fair, a possible lake day, and picnics to look forward to before Labor Day!

Here are a few back to school pics...and summer memories...

Joc starting 5th grade!
Kate starting 3rd grade!
Easton is in 1st!
Last year of preschool for Weston!
And baby Landon still in growing stages!
The kids and I enjoyed VBS!
Me teaching my group!
Joc at VBS
2 kids played soccer--2 played tball/softball
We spent a lot of time at 3 different pools!
The kids entered their projects into the fair!
Kansas City-Cabela's!
American Girl doll store!
Our new pup Zoey!