Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A busy, yet fun month!

So far this month has been pretty busy! We had a fairly slow November, so it was nice to have a little change in routine.

The girls participated in a musical roadtrip with or church. They toured a few nursing and group homes. They sang a few songs and shared the gospel to these groups. After the tour, they performed it for the parents. They both had a really good time.

Easton did not want to participate in the big program, but he was asked to help with props for the little kid program. The preschool-kindergarten group sang during church. Easton was a goat. Weston was supposed to sing, but had drippy eyes that day.

We also made gingerbread houses. The kids always enjoy doing that. This year our homeschool group had a family contest, so we made a bigger one to bring to the Christmas party. Jocelyn and Easton decorated that one. Sean built a little bit of it and I finished it off.

We received the award for the best use of candy.

We had a great time at our homeschool party. There were crafts, games, a book exchange, and a lunch. It was so good seeing everyone!

Sean and I hired a sitter and attended his work Christmas party. It is always nice (for me) to see everyone. Sean sees everyone everyday, but I enjoy seeing them also when the chance comes up. There was a dinner, casino games, and big blow up games. Sean and some of the other managers decided to do this one. No broken bones!

We also had my moms side of the family over for lunch. This was the first time that my aunts and cousin traveled out to see us. We had such a good time visiting. I should have taken more pictures.

We are taking two well needed weeks off from school. I only took 4 days off when I had Landon and have a lot of little things that I want to get done....so the kids and I were both ready for a break! On our first day off we headed to Stuhr Museum and played for a bit. We also looked at all of the trees that were decorated by area organizations.

The month isn't over yet! We will still travel down to Missouri to see Sean's family. It will be a short trip, but well worth it. I hope Landon is good!




Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Step it Up Challenge!!

Several friends have expressed interest in joining my Step It Up challenge in January! I am so excited and can not wait to begin! I need a little extra motivation!!! My three oldest kids are all paid up and are ready to start as well. I bought them each step trackers for stocking stuffers for Christmas. They were only $4.95 on Ebay and I can track their steps on my i-phone. It will be a fun challenge within our family and with friends!!

My goal is to have at least 100 people join in!! So keep spreading the word!! I will not mark you down as particpating until the entry fee is paid. It is due when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st and then the competition begins!!!


Information on the challenge below!!

What is the competition?

--Take the most (recorded) steps and win $$$!

--I will keep track of how many steps you take in January of 2016. The top 5 steppers will receive a percentage of the overall pot.

How will I know how many steps you take?

--Use a tracking device--pedometer, phone ap, fit bit-- anything that accurately counts steps.

--Take a picture or screen shot of your steps each day. At the end of each week, e-mail, text, or send me a Facebook message of your pictures with your total number of daily steps.

How much does it cost to enter this competition?

--Each person will pitch in $10.00 to the overall pot. The winning amount will depend on how many participants there are.

--Winners will be given the following percentages of the overall pot:

1st place- 55%

2nd place-22%

3rd place- 13%

4th place- 7%

5th place- 3%

So for example, if we have 100 steppers the first place person will receive $550, 2nd $220, 3rd $130, 4th $70 and 5th $30.

Prize money will be awarded no later than February 5th!

Other information!

--I will have a special Facebook group that you will need to join for this challenge. The only way that I will communicate to the group as a whole is thru this Facebook page.

--I want to participate as well! I will post my screenshots on the Facebook page for accountability purposes.

--Deadlines for each week are as follows:

Saturday, January 9th at 11:59 PM

Saturday, January 16th at 11:59 PM

Saturday, January 23rd at 11:59 PM

Sunday, January 31st at 11:59 PM

--If weekly pictures are not turned in by these deadlines, they will not be counted. No exceptions.

--I will post the top 10 steppers by each Monday with their total number of steps.

--Only those who have paid by January 1st will be allowed to participate. You can pay by Paypal, check by mail, or in person.

--I am not responsible for failures in device calculations or blurry pictures.

--The competition runs from from January 1-January 31, 2016.

--Please let me know if you plan on participating and how you will be sending your money.

Any questions? Just ask!

Julie McGee


My contact info:

E-mail: julie@smcgee.net

Julie McGee

4179 Norwood Dr.

Grand Island, NE 68803

Paypal address: jamcquinn@yahoo.com (send as a family/friend gift to avoid fees)