Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It has been a while since we had a blizzard here! A few weeks ago, Grand Island had the second largest snowfall on record for the city...21.6 inches! It was craziness! The city was basically shut down and the roads were impassable. People-- including plows were getting stuck going where they thought they needed to go. It was nice not having anywhere for the kids and I to go--even though Sean still went to work each day. He is a trooper!

The kids have had a lot of fun playing in it! We have only one hill in Grand Island to go sledding on, but it was so windy snow didn't stay on it, so the kids had to improvise with mounds.

Cars kept getting stuck on our corner. This just happened to be one of Sean's employees
Snow plow stuck on day 2
My sisters apartment


Monday, February 15, 2016

Landon turned 4 months!

Our little Landon boy turned 4 months on Friday! He is such a joy to have around! He is the most laid back, easy going baby. He reminds me a lot like Jocelyn when she was a baby...he even has the red hair that she did! He is pretty content most of the time and extremely smiley! He loves being talked to and played with. He loves his swing and any musical toy. He rolled over for the first time this past weekend...and that seems to be his new favorite thing! We also started him on rice cereal, which he is still getting used to. He now weighs over 15lbs!

I was a little nervous that since our other kids are older Landon won't have very many friends his age, but I have been proven wrong again! It seems like new friends with babies around his age are coming out of the woodwork. So fun to see all of the babies together!

Enjoy some pictures of our sweet bundle of joy!



Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016!

It has been over a month since I have blogged. It seems like life has been going full speed ahead. Thank goodness for me nursing a baby, because it gives a few short well needed breaks during the day. By the time evening rolls around I am wiped and drained of all of my energy reserves. I am not complaining, as I wouldn't change staying at home and homeschooling for anything.
Three kids are in soccer now and all four are doing archery. Between games, practices, church and homeschool activities, that is our week.
This past week we had our FOCUS homeschool Valentine's Party. The kids always look forward to this day. They enjoy making cards, baking, and making their boxes.
At the party, we had 91 kids and adults and a few babies sprinkled in. I planned games for the different age groups.
We made cards for the local nursing home residents.
The kids exchanged cards with everyone.
We enjoyed some delicious goodies.
Afterwards, another family joined us and we delivered the cards to the residents and staff. It was so much fun seeing everyone's face light up because of a simple card.
I know this holiday is a silly- mostly hallmark holiday. But a simple gesture of giving something as small as a card to someone--even if it is a few stickers scattered on a cut out heart, really brings delight to some. Katelyn was the only one who gave me a card this year. Maybe the others will remember next year. This years scrapbook of cards will just feature Katelyn's card, but seeing my kids enjoy the little activities around this day brings me delight.