Friday, October 31, 2014

A day at the beach!

Today we headed to Fort De Soto State Park in St. Petersburg, Florida, located on the Gulf of Mexico. Such a pretty beach!! The kids had a good time catching crabs, digging holes, gathering sea shells, eating ice cream, swimming, and exploring an old fort. Tomorrow my sister and I will depart on our cruise. I miss my hubs quiet a bit, since I haven't seen him since last Sunday and already miss my kiddos, even though we haven't left yet. Pray that nothing goes wrong on our cruise.

Here are a few pics from our day at the beach!

She caught quiet a few little crab thingys
He dug a river and is sucking it in for the camera



Thursday, October 30, 2014

A whirlwind of a day at Disney World!

I have a love, hate relationship with Disney Parks. I strongly dislike how expensive everything is at their, food, souveniers etc...however because I cherish the memories of when I first went when I was a kid....I want our kids to have similiar adventures as I had. The girls have already been once a few years ago, but the boys have never been. I being a cheapskate, like my mother, have found ways to have my kids enjoy going to Disney World by finding ways to get tickets for over half doesn't work all the time...and for everyone. To pay for this trip, I sold things like crazy from my door step. I had enough saved to pay for full price tickets, but just knew I would be sick to my stomach if I had to actually had to pay over $500 for one days worth of fun. In the end I spent a few hundred less than that AND had an extra bonus of enjoying a park hopper pass!

Our day! We woke up bright and early and drove an hour to get to Epcot Center. We were not expecting to go to this park, but as I mentioned, this was our unexpected bonus. We only visited a few rides here. This is a more educational park...which is all fine and dandy...however my boys had their hearts set on going on some specific rides at the Magic Kingdom. Here are a few pics from Epcot.

We met Sean's sister and our niece at MK for that afternoon and evening. They drove all night from the Carolinas to join us. It was nice having them along for some of the more adultish thrill rides. Most of the thrill rides you had to have an adult ride with kids under seven. Wes, our 3 year went on all of the rides...even the roller coasters! He said he wasn't scared, but was freaking out a little. That little guy has no fear in him! Yikes! In all we were at the parks for 13 hours and were able to go on 19 rides! So much fun! Here are about a million pictures from our day!

The pic cracks me up...I asked a gal to take a pic of us in front of the castle...something is missing??
He took a 20 minute power nap and was good to go for the rest of the day! Like my FREE double stroller?!!
He made it to 11pm...but missed the final parade...