Why we homeschool!

I teach at Twin Lakes Christian Academy!  Enrollment of 4!

We homeschool.....and LOVE it!  

Love the flexibility of homeschooling!  
Love that I can teach our kids at their own pace!  
Love that I can choose what they will be learning!  
Love that we can put Christ at the center of our home AND school!   
Love that we can go and do and not worry about missing school! 
Love that I know who my kids are hanging out with!
Love everything about it!

During the 2013-2014 school year Jocelyn is in 3rd grade, Katelyn is in 1st grade, Easton and Weston will be in preschool!  I am not the biggest fan of grade levels because if you are a homeschooling mama you know that grade levels mean nothing.  They are used for organizational purposes, especially if you have to sign up for outside activities. 

 I teach my kids at their own pace.  If they are ready to move on, we do.  We go as fast or slow as we need to.  I don't get tied down to what the public schools or other homeschool families are teaching kids at a certain grade level.  We are our own school here!

I have a lot of people ask me what curriculum we use.  That answer is always tricky for me, because I use a hodge podge of different things.  

For the 2013-2014 school year I plan to use:
   For my girls:
--Teaching Textbooks grade 3
--Bible by Bob Jones University
--Spelling 3 by Bob Jones University
--Evan Moor--Non-fiction writing and Language Fundamentals
--Reading--books...and lots of them!
--Science Daybook by Great Source
--Presidents and states by Scholastic publishers

   For my 2nd year preschooler:
--Hooked on Phonics
--Simple math and practice writing more.

   For my 1st year preschooler:
--Letter & sound recognition with flashcards
--Colors, shapes, and numbers

If you want more information on how to start homeschooling...let me know!   I would love to answer your questions!

If you are Lincoln, NE local....we would love to have you join us at one of our meet-ups!  Info:  HERE!

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  1. I LOVE homeschool too! It's awesome! I wish I would have #done it from the beginning of all my children. How do you like BJU press curriculum. I'm thinking about using them next year with Saxon math.