Friday, July 22, 2016

My baby girl turned 9 today!

My Katelyn Rose turned 9 today! She has been counting down this day for the past I am relieved the day is finally here...even though I know the countdown just starts over tomorrow. Oh well! It is her favorite day of the year.

We aren't doing birthday parties this year and instead having a "special" one one one day. Trying something new, so we will see how this goes.

Katelyn loves getting mail via snail mail, text, or e-mail. So if you need her info, let me know. It would totally make her day even special!

Here are few pics of my baby girl from birth to 9 years!



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fair time!

Last week was our county fair! My kids work all year making different 4-H projects to submit for our fair. We do not have animals to show (besides our dogs), so the crafty stuff is what our kids do. When they are a bit older...or my sewing machine gets fixed, they will do more challenging projects. The projects that some kids submit are quiet amazing! My focus was a little off this year because of having Landon, but I am proud of my kids for taking initiative on their own for coming up with their own ideas!

The boys are still in clover kids, so their projects are easier. Our boys both made tie-die t-shirts, airplanes, boats, and bird houses. Easton also painted a lighthouse.

Katelyn submitted a pin cushion, a few paintings, a clay bowl, a recycled bowl, a few rainbow loom key chains, homemade dog treats, a scrapbook page, nail art, and two baked items.

Jocelyn submitted a painting, a magazine bowl, two baked items, a few rainbow loom items, nail art, a bird feeder, and a school supply holder.

Since the boys are in Clover kids, their items are "judged" with comments, but the ribbons are all the same. No premium ($) awards are given.

The girls did quiet well. They received a few purple (1st place ribbons), blue, and red ribbons. They even have 3 items that are moving onto the state fair, so they are excited!

Back in June the girls competed in the Hall County 4-H archery and did not know the results until they were posted at the fair. Jocelyn could hardly stand the wait of finding out. She said she wasn't going to accept anything less than first place. I told her it was ok if she didn't get first, because she has only been shooting since November and has many more tournaments to go! She was still pretty sure she was going to place first. Anyways...there it is on the poster--she got Grand Champion in the junior Freestyle division.

She was soooo excited!

Katelyn isn't into archery as much as Jocelyn. She wants to be, but doesn't want to put in the practice that it takes to get better. She is coming around, but you really can't force someone to like bugs and the outdoors. Let's just say she can't wait for our indoor range to be our primary practice place! She ended up getting a blue not bad!

They had a little awards ceremony for the shooters. Jocelyn was announced as Grand Champion and then there was a little mix up with the trophies. When we went to correct it, they then said sorry she didn't get grand champion and the poster was wrong. But alas...we have friends in high places and everything is getting straightened out! She should be getting her trophy next week.

We also enjoyed a few activities as the fair like BINGO, some of the exhibits, and the rides (thanks my friend Kellie)


So on to State we go with the girls projects! Let's just say I am just as excited for the State Fair as my kids are...they talk about it pretty much every day!


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Colorado vacation part #4

As a blogger I receive many perks for giving honest reviews of businesses. In this post I am giving you my honest review of Copper Mountain Resorts kids (and adult) summer fun activities! I did receive complimentary day passes, however my review is not based on this fact.

Copper Mountain is a ski resort 75 miles west of Denver, Colorado. It is usually buzzing during the winter months with skiers however, they now have several summer activities to keep the summer vacationers busy!

The day we spent there was one of our kids' highlights of our trip!

We started off by rock climbing. Joc and Easton were all gung-ho about climbing the rock wall. Kate and Wes had to think about it for a bit, so they came back a bit later to try it as well. All of them had a good time on this wall...and completely under estimated how hard it would actually be!

We then headed over to the water area. The four older kids and I zip lined across the lake! So much fun!

Sean took the kids out on the bumper boats. They had a great time cruising around and squirting each other. I am glad Sean was the adult on this one! They were all soaked in the end!

The kids then went on the bouncy trampoline! They enjoyed flying high and doing flips!

After the trampoline we went back to the lake so I could do the water bike. That was harder than I had anticipated. Such a good workout!

The last activity that we did was the race cars. The kids all enjoyed this, however I think Sean enjoyed it the most! He was on a bit of an adrenaline rush after driving the cars. Apparently he won the race!

We did not do all of the activities, however the ones that we did do kept our kids happy!

The resort overall is beautiful and very clean! The workers at each activity were all really helpful and nice.

If you are planning a vacation in the area, I would highly recommend going here! In fact as one of my friends you can take advantage of this deal!

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