Sunday, April 17, 2016

My monthly post!

It seems like I am averaging about one blog post per month...sorry mom! Not sure if anyone reads this besides my mom:).

We have been busy!

Our family has been busy with a few archery tournaments! The kids all did well! Sean and I are doing our best--while trying to help the kids at the same time. We have our third tournament coming up this next weekend!

Katelyn winning a shoot off against Joc

We started back with our homeschooling co-op! We love, love, love our co-op group! We have such good teachers and classes that are being offered. I coordinate the co-op, so I am just in one class this semester--Tall Tales!

Easton in Botany

Landon hit 6 months! He is extremly busy! He started crawling and pulling himself up on things like chairs and stairs. He loves baths and showers. He enjoys playing with his brothers and sisters as well. He loves to eat baby food! So far he hasn't rejected anything yet! I need to weigh and measure him...but judging by how small his pants are getting I would say he has grown quiet a bit over the past month. He is just about the sweetest little guy!

School has also kept us busy! We have about a month left! I love our routine, but we are all looking forward to when the pool opens back up!

The girls and I have enjoyed a few concerts over the past few months! The last one featured Toby Mac and other great Christian artists! Our church is hosting someone HUGE (to us) this fall--so stay tuned!! We are soooooo excited about it!

The kids are finishing up classes at the Stuhr Museum. Katelyn has the final class this next week! I had the privilege of attending two classes this past week. My mom was here to watch the other kids, so that was nice that I could attend.

The kids making a rope

Spring baseball and softball has started for Katelyn and that will be our evenings until mid-June! They both enjoy playing!!