Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The start of a new school year!!

We started school yesterday!! Yay! I am so excited! The kids were not at first, but as we started our day the excitement grew. I was only planning on doing 1/2 of our subjects, but the girls kept asking if we can do that and if we can do this...so we did almost a full typical day minus only one subject! So much for part timing it! We plan on taking a few days off here and there...but that is ok...because that is the beauty of homeschooling!

Jocelyn is in 4th grade now! She still loves all things artsy and craftsy!

Katelyn is in 2nd grade! She has worked hard throughout her few years of doing school and is all caught up to Jocelyn, so I just have one 4th grader lesson to teach. Yay for me!

See we don't even have to get dressed or brush our hair!

For all my curious homeschooling friends out there, we use:

***BJU for Spelling, Math, and Bible.

***Evan Moore for writing and Language Arts.

***Scholastic for states, capitals, and presidents.

***Expedition Earth from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

***Great Source Daybook for Science.

***Creating a Masterpiece for Art.

I plan to throw in a little of my own American History this year, but that is still in the works!

Easton is in kindergarten. He is a boy and his attention span is really low. Totally fine. He is a good playmate for his brother.

He uses:

***Hooked on Phonics for reading and spelling.

***BJU for Bible and Math 1

***Great Source for Science

He does his work with his tongue out..helps him concentrate I guess!
Grumpy pants...we hit the 5 minute mark!

Weston is in preschool.

He is working on writing his letters and learning his sounds. He is a lefty so I have been having practice cutting things and glueing. His attention span is that of a 3 year. He usually lasts around 10 minutes and then off he goes.

Homeschooling isn't always peachy. I don't think it is intended to be. My kids annoy me at times. My free time now is dwindled down to...well not very much extra time now. My house is now messier than ever with school supplies, projects, and books. BUT this is what I signed up. This is what we feel we need to be doing right now and most likely for the long run. It isn't always easy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Here are a few more pics from our first two days!

Expedition Earth! We are studying Thailand and the kids made floating markets!

We made it through day 1: Sonic happy hour to celebrate!!



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