Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It has been a while since we had a blizzard here! A few weeks ago, Grand Island had the second largest snowfall on record for the city...21.6 inches! It was craziness! The city was basically shut down and the roads were impassable. People-- including plows were getting stuck going where they thought they needed to go. It was nice not having anywhere for the kids and I to go--even though Sean still went to work each day. He is a trooper!

The kids have had a lot of fun playing in it! We have only one hill in Grand Island to go sledding on, but it was so windy snow didn't stay on it, so the kids had to improvise with mounds.

Cars kept getting stuck on our corner. This just happened to be one of Sean's employees
Snow plow stuck on day 2
My sisters apartment


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