Sunday, August 14, 2016

Jocelyn is 11 today!

Jocelyn Rene turned 11 today! She is my easy going, extremely helpful little, big girl. Yikes! She is a few years away from being a teenager! She loves anything that has to do with art, archery, dancing, gymnastics, friends, and her American Girl dolls.

We aren't doing parties for the kids this year, because we are hoping to have a big one for Landon when he turns one, so her birthday was low key. This past week we met a few friends at the pool and I took her out to lunch with my sister. Sean took both of the girls out to a hibachi grill for lunch for a nicer combo lunch.

She decorated her own birthday cake with a few friends and got her dream gift--a retired Kanani American Girl doll. This hopefully completes their collection of recent girl of the years....ugh.

On her actual birthday (today) we are shooting in an archery tournament and going to a back to school picnic with ohr homeschool group! Can't wait to see her continue to grow!

She had a few friends from church come over.



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