Sunday, November 6, 2016

Co-op complete!

Things are starting to calm down here, so my goal is to get caught up on my blog over the next few days!   We finished our Fall co-op session a little over a week ago!  As usual it is a whirlwind of activity over those 6 weeks!  Is it weird that I secretly want to sit in on all of our co-op classes?  I have had the honor of coordinating the co-op for our Families of Christ United in Schooling group for the past 2 1/2 years.  It is a lot of work to pull everything together, but without the help of all of the other families, things just wouldn't get done!  This semester we have 28 families and 94 kids!   My kids each took two different classes.  Weston took Seven Days of Creation and Backyard games.  Jocelyn took Art History and Wars of the Past.  Katelyn took American Girl History and Drive Thru History.  Easton took Recycled Art and Science Experiments.  I was not able to make it into all of the classes and capture all of their fun activities, but here is a brief photo recap of my kiddos!

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