Sunday, March 14, 2010

Swimming lessons for the girls!

We took swimming lessons this winter and I am so glad I enrolled the girls at the YMCA. When I first signed up I didn't know what to expect because the last time we took swimming class we went to another gym. To my surprise I knew three of the other mom's in the class and I knew the teacher. That was fun to see them every week in class.
This was Jocelyn's second class. She was in a group with a few other kids and loved her teacher. She is still a bit timid of the water, but does just fine. She is definitely not our adventurous one. According to her report card she still has a few things to work on and isn't ready to move on to the next level.Katelyn is a different story. That little girl has no fear of the water. She will jump right in. She will go under water without hesitation and pretty much did whatever the teacher wanted her to do. It worries me a bit that she is just like me when I was little-- jumping off the high dive at our local pool and then not knowing what to do. I really hope she isn't as adventurous, but all signs point to being a risk taker. We will have to watch her with an extra eye this summer when we are out on the boat. Her report card said she is ready to move onto a class without me-- when she turns 3.At the end of the last day in class the kids got a chance to go down the big water slide. Of course Jocelyn was too scared to go, but Katelyn on the other hand went down twice!

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