Friday, March 26, 2010

Easton turns 1!!!!

Maybe I am just a bit weird, but during the first year of each of my kids' life I think about having their first birthday party. Mainly because I like having people over to our house and it is a good excuse to make some yummy food and cake! Well this year didn't work out as planned:( We were sick the week leading up to his first birthday party. Sean took most of the week off and I was sick and completely drained of energy. I didn't have a choice but to postpone the poor little guys birthday party. I had already bought all of the food for his party so I still had to do something. We were supposed to have it on a Saturday and had to postpone it for the following Wednesday before our bible study in Omaha. My mom was gracious enough to open up her house and the turn out was pretty good. I requested no gifts, but people really didn't listen. Overall, even though we had to postpone it, I think our little guy enjoyed his first birthday party!

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