Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Educational egg hunt!

The kids were playing in our woods the other day and came across a few eggs that the neighbors kids did not find during their egg hunt....that got my mind going...that they had so much fun searching for these random eggs that were left over, I should organize an educational type egg hunt! 
 I wrote down 7 school related questions for Easton, Katelyn, and Jocelyn. 
 I then hid 30 eggs total (9 eggs were empty).  After I hid them around our yard and woods, the kids were told they each needed to find 10.  After each of them found 10, the game began. 

If they chose an egg with their initial (and question) they got a rock.  If they answered the question, they got a rock.  If it didn't have their initial, they would read the question to the person it was meant for.  If that person got the question right they would get a rock.  So the goal was two fold, hopefully they found eggs with their own questions...and hopefully they were able to get their questions right.  If they got an empty egg they had to skip their turn. 
 In the end, the kids had a good time playing.  There was a tie between Katelyn and Jocelyn so they decided to have a throwing contest. 
 Also Kate found 2 more eggs that the neighbors left out and was surprised with some candy.  We then had to go on another hunt to find our remaining eggs!

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