Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some days I wish I could live next to one...but then I wake up:)

We will probably never live near the ocean.  We kind of like being midwesterners and being close to family.  But I can dream right?  Last week, we drove to Cocoa Beach, Florida.  It was a little more than an hour from Orlando and it was the only beach I knew of.  I took my students there back in 2003 and it seemed like a fairly nice beach then.  Apparently we need to try to the Gulf side if there is a next time.  It was warm where we were at, but apparently it is warmer on the Gulf side.  Anyhow, my husband is NOT a beach person.  His idea of a vacation is no where near the beach...he would rather go to the lake and mountains, but in the end he mentioned he was glad we took an afternoon to go there!  Yay!  The girls had a great time playing in the waves and sand!
Here are few pictures of our afternoon at the beach....it was really, really busy...but a lot of fun!

and a quick video!

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