Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easton is 4!!

Happy 4th birthday to my little Easton guy! 

Born on March 23, 2009.  9 lb 13 oz.  
Who can't wait until he is taller than his mom!

Who can't wait until he can do big guy things like his dad!

Whose favorite word is hot dog.

Whose favorite food is hot dog.

Who likes to act like a chicken...probably to drive us all crazy.

Who likes all things dirt, trucks, tractors...and well all things boy!
Who has non-stop energy.

Who is my sweet little boy.

Who I can always count on helping
me when I need his help.

He is a very hard worker...and I just know he will be just like his
dad when he grows up!

To celebrate his birthday, I rented a bowling alley for a few hours.  Because his little group of friends are so young I invited all of the kids in their families.  It was a good time!

Here is the cake I made.  He wanted a tractor cake.  I guess there are tractors on it??  Well the theme was construction.  My cake was a NIGHTMARE!  Too moist.  Couldn't even frost two of the layers.  Good thing for the theme! I had trucks chewing into the cake and falling rocks.  It
was busier than I had anticipated.  Everyone thought it was yummy!  AND I made it to Omaha without it falling over!  Big plus!

Here is the front:

Here is the back:
 I also made some yummy cupcakes!  Jocelyn was mad because I was not following her "how to frost" them directions.  I get better with practice...but she thinks she could have done a better job.  That goober.

I provided lunch for the group and everyone had a good time bowling!

Blowing out the candles:)
and a video of the group singing happy birthday:)

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