Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It is April! A few random thoughts from mwa!:)

It is April!  I actually really like the month of April for several reasons!  Not sure if it is my all time favorite month...but here are a few random thoughts I have about April!
Our family pic from Sunday.  No we don't dress up for church...ever.  Well maybe once a year.  We don't really have a lot of dress up clothes around here.

~~April Fool's Day!  I always think that it would be fun to prank my kiddos all day long and then April 1st sneaks up on us...and I forget.  Jocelyn has been talking about pranking her dad on April 1st for quiet some time now...oops forgot to remind her it was April 1st and he was out of town anyways.  One of these days I will think of something fun!:)

~~April means-- the first of two homeschool conferences!  I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE going to these.  It is like a mini-reunion for me.  It is a great weekend to hang out with friends.  Go out to lunch.  Visit awesome workshops.  Shop the exhibit hall AND have a little time away from kids!  My girls will be attending a 2 day conference while I am at I am excited to hear their stories.  It is next week...I can hardly wait.

~~April means--Green.  Can we get a boo for our dead grass...but I am fully expecting our woods to turn green soon and am gearing up to planting flowers. 

~~April means--the kids can play outside almost everyday!  Woot!   Weston is still a bit too young to be fully unattended, so sometimes it is hard to let him go.  He is "people" now.  They love eating outside...and they got to do that just yesterday!
~~April means--garage sales start happening!! Well I probably won't be hitting a lot of them this year.  The kids and I actually love going, however I am finding it much easier shopping on my online consignment pages.  It is like a garage sale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I have sold quiet a bit in the last 2 weeks...more than I would at a "real" garage sale here.

~~THIS April means--my weight loss challenge is soon coming to an end.  It ends on Friday and I am kind of excited to see how I measured up compared to everyone else.  Is it wrong to secretly hope that the other 61 women were total slackers?  There is over $1000 up for grabs for first place.  I kind of want to win that.  So far I have lost exactly...oh wait...that is a secret until the end....but lets just say I believe I am back to my wedding day weight.  So that is good.  I so can't wait to eat a cupcake.

~~THIS April means--it is only 1 month away from my very first half-marathon.  I am a bit nervous and a bit excited.  I really don't want to walk the entire thing...but think I may walk for a minute every few miles.  My goal is to run it in under 3 hours.  We shall see.  I am hoping to finalize my wardrobe decision this weekend.  Big decisions here people. 

~~THIS April means--that 2 family members will be getting baptized!  Some exciting stuff!  My nephew Grant accepted Christ as his savior last week and got baptized on Sunday.  He is 7.  My niece Reagan is gearing up to get baptized in gearing up to being baptized in a few weeks.  She is 8. I am almost done reading through the Bible and have been reading about all of the accounts of those who believe being baptized.  Such a sweet, sweet thing.  Makes me want to tear up.

~~THIS April means-- Spring cleaning.  I really do like a clean house.  My husband would probably disagree.  He is out of the country right now, so the house is a bit messy...hey I am busy spring cleaning and selling stuff...but I have gotten a lot of little done.  I have until Tuesday night to get things back in ship-shape. 

Speaking of being out of town....Sean has had to travel quiet a bit since we have been married.  At least a few times a month..  He practically lived in China our first year of marriage   I even shared news that I was pregnant with Joc via the internet because he was in China...sad...but I couldn't wait a few weeks to tell him.  But when he told me Cyprus?  What?  Where the heck is that? I had to google it right away.  I am not good with geography very well.  I was thinking Europe but couldn't picture it in my head.  Yup.  A small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  South of Turkey.  He was not thrilled.  I wasn't either.  But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  So far we are doing ok.  We just miss him.  We can facetime so that helps.  He gave us a tour of his lovely hotel room today.  All of the kids got to see his tired face. 

A random pic from yesterday...oh how I can't wait to drink a shake from McDonald's.  I  felt bad for leaving them in the daycare at the I had time to kill before meeting up to sell stuff...:)
Well that is all for now!  Totaly busy-ness coming up in the next few weeks!  But I am will help time pass! 

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