Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On week 5 and counting!

We just entered into our 5th week of school for the school year!! At first I was a bit hesitant at starting a few weeks earlier than we usually do, but we were ready! It is so nice being in a routine, yet still being flexible to the fun things that come our way. We typically have a 4 day school week, leaving a flex day for day time activities. Some weeks we only have 3 days of school at home, because of field trips or other commitments. But in my eyes we are always learning new things...even if we aren't at home sitting around the table!

Here are a few pictures from our adventures over the past few weeks!

Katelyn counting out money
Ever taught a lefty to use scissors? Not fun.
Learning letter recogntion
Joc working on a new recipe for a blog post!
My friend Tonya put on a back to school game day! The kids had so much fun!



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