Friday, September 19, 2014

It is almost fall!!

Sorry for lack of blog posts. I know my mom looks forward to reading them, so I am totally letting her down! Sorry mom! We have been busy! School, activities, co-op, and just enjoying this lovely fall weather!

A lot has been happening lately. We started co-op last week! My kids were soooo excited to start their new classes...and so was I! This year I am running the co-op with another friend Alicia. So my teaching load is a bit easier than past semesters. Still a lot of work coordinating things to make co-op happen and run smoothly!

The girls are taking a cooking/nutrition class. They have made quiet a few new things. Some things they have loved...some not so much. They are trying new things though and that is good!

Some kids are not so excited about the food being made in class:)

And a Science class. This is a picture from the 5th grade on up class. I teach Speech during this time so I haven't gotten a picture of their actual class.

They both love their classes!

The boys are taking a Creatures of the Ocean class. They studied octopuses last week and this week they learned about sea turtles.

They are also taking a PE/games class! I love seeing them play with their little friends!

We have been busy with school here. We started our United Kingdom study. Katelyn was so excited, because this is the country where her accent comes ok?

The kids did their own replicas of Stonehenge.

Weston is moving right along with his alphabet. He is already a year behind the other kids...but I am not worried. He loves just being a boy and playing instead of school. I can usually sneak in about 5 minutes with him a day singing his letter/sound song or a small math activity.

Wes doing his math--counting and adding

Easton loves school, but some days he would rather just play with his brother. He loves playing games and doing math. His favorite game is War. We play that quiet often.

The girls are staying busy with their studies. It is nice that I can get them set up on some of their subjects and leave them be.

They love playing games with each other!

Here are a few fun Science experiments we have done...we talked about smog and energy. The kids love doing Science experiments.

Oh how I love our days together!



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