Sunday, March 15, 2015

Learning about a few new things:)

Kids are like little sponges (sometimes)! I love that there are so many things in our community, as well as in surrounding communities, where they can learn about new things. This week (with the exception of "normal" school stuff), the kids learned a few new things.

With one of our home school groups we took a field trip to The Grain Place. It is a local manufacturer of organic grains and seeds. This may seem like a boring place to go, but we all thought it was pretty fascinating.

We first got a tour of the farm. They actually do not farm a lot of land, but rely on farmers from all over the world.

We then got to see how at the manufacturing takes place at the plant. In addition to the product that The Grain Place makes and packages, they also send things off to well known companies like Kellogg's and some pet supply companies.

The kids got hungry near the end of the tour, but afterwards we enjoyed a beautiful picnic at the park. The Grain Place even sent our group home with two yummy bags of their popcorn! Such a fun, fun day!

The second thing that my kids learn how to do was rollerskate. I have been extremely nervous about taking them because of the fear of the unknown. Katelyn attempted to rollerskate when she was five years old and that was a five-minute nightmare. I was not sure I wanted to relive that. Sean ended up coming along and help the kids learn how to skate. He did not want me to skate, because I am pregnant but I ended up putting on some skates and slowly made my way around the rink a few times. All in all we had a great time with friends and the kids (and Sean) can't wait to go back!

Easton did skate..but I got a pic right before he left.


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