Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spreading the news!

Last week we shared the exciting news that we are expecting a new little one in late September/early October....or whenever he/she wants to make an appearance. Yes, we will try to find out what we are having, sometime in May. No we don't really care what we will have. I think that has already been determined.

What a sigh of relief to start spreading the news. It is tough keeping a secret for well over a month!

We are excited to get back into baby mode! We have had break of what will be almost 5 years since Wes has been born. I think we surprised quiet a few people. Some didn't seem too thrilled, but I think most were genuinely excited.

We are starting over essentially after taking a breather. We have kept an old pac-n-play for when I babysit kids. I am planning on keeping it simple with "stuff". I have learned that you really just don't need much to get started! This little one will sleep in our cloest or bedroom downstairs...decorated beautifully with well nothing.:).

We had our first dr. appointment and ultrasound. So far, so good. Baby was measuring they think it is further along than we thought. We have 9-11 lb babies, so this was not surprising to us.

Please pray that everything keeps going well for this new little one!

Here are a few pics and videos from these past few months.




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