Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Baby Landon!

We found out what we were having last week!  Many asked if we cared what we were having.  The kids had strong opinions.  Neither Sean nor I really cared.  Both sexes have their pro's and con's...but we really were neutral.

My mom warned me, to not trust the ultrasound results, because we have had some friends who had the wrong results.  Well yes, there is always a change of mistakes...and if there was a mistake in our case, we would still welcome a girl, however when the ultrasound tech put the little camera on the baby, she asked us if we could tell what it was...yep it was pretty obvious.  Even if we were not planning on finding out...it was CLEAR in many shots that it was a boy.  So we will see if it was something else floating out there, if you know what I mean.

We figured out a girl name right away, but went back and forth on boy names.  We sat down earlier this week and Sean had me write down all of the possibilities.  He came up with the name "Landon" and it kind of grew on me.  I do not know any other Landon's personally---so that helps.  Teaching has ruled out some name choices.  We have had a few people that have expressed their dislike towards the name...we don't really care.  Is that rude?  I think it is rude asking us to reconsider our name choice.

Anywho....I wanted to tell the kids somehow in a fun  way.  The girls came up with a cupcake idea.  We have participated in it before, so that is what we did.  My friend, Christina, makes cupcakes, so she made 6 girl cupcakes and 6 boy cupcakes.  She marked the girl ones with pearls so I knew which were which.  They were really yummy!

When we got home from a nice afternoon out, we had the kids bite into the cupcakes.  I knew that at least one little girl was not going to be happy, but I really didn't expect this reaction:

I am 22 weeks along today.  I have gotten 3 due dates, but in my mind...the baby will be here, when the baby is ready to be here.  So I am not too stressed out about it.  I would rather take later over earlier.  So my due date has been September 29th, September 30th, and October 4th.  So we shall see.  I would like to make it to October 10th.

Here are some fun pics from our ultrasound.  We don't do the 3D ones.  Not sure if that was even an option.  I didn't ask.

I love this pic--it is the front of his nose and mouth!

I love this leg shot!
Arms in front of face
Yep it is a boy!

Here is a pic of me from before church.  Thanks Christina for selling a whole bunch of cute summer dresses!  Much more comfortable than pants!  Yay for Summer!
I am so not photogenic at all!

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