Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Co-op review!

We finished our spring co-op classes last week! I absolutely love co-op and so do our kids! They love seeing their friends in an extra activity and love learning new things. We can not wait until next Fall---I will be set to deliver a baby and probably deliver during the session. Good thing I have some moms that are always willing to pitch in to keep things going!

This semester my kids each took 2 classes.

The boys were in a preschool & kindergarten class. The took a Safety 101 class and learned about God's creation through legos.

Katelyn learned took a Music & PE class and an Art class.

Jocelyn took a Music & PE class and a Lewis & Clarke class.

My kids were not old enough for the Biology, Drama, and Greek classes...but one of these days!

After our final class we had a program where the kids presented what they learned in class. They sang, did skits, and put on a drama act. We then had a taco bar potluck!

So much fun! I will miss this group, but we will look forward to seeing everyone over the summer or in the fall!

Here are a few videos from the program!



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