Friday, July 24, 2015

4H fun!

This past school year we signed up for 4H! I have always wanted our kids to do 4H, but I was under the impression you had to join a Girl Scouts and that you had to have farm animals. Neither are true. We joined as an independent family, where we do our own thing and there are hundreds of projects that kids can work on that have nothing to do with animals!

Katelyn and Easton were able to be in Clover Kids this year. Projects are easier and there are no point values placed on their projects. Jocelyn was old enough to be in the older group where her projects could earn different colors of ribbons and there was a $ stipend depending on what color you recieved.

In total the kids completed 32 projects over the year. Yikes! A lot of work for this mama...but the girls are pretty capable of completing most things on their own...I just need to make sure we have proper supplies!

I know Jocelyn wanted to get at least one purple ribbon at our county fair. We discussed that she is young and this is our first not get your hopes too high. We are all learning! I think she understood.

As we walked around the fair to see all of their projects on display I had one thrilled little girl...she earned 6 purple ribbons!

All of the kids were excited to see their projects on display! They are already planning out what they are going to do for next year...and Joc has already made one project so far!

Here is a little sample of our 4H year...with projects! I wish I would have taken more pics!

At the fair!
Joc made dog bones!
Joc sewed an outfit for Maggie
Working on making ice cream
She earned a blue ribbon!
Joc made a few collars for Maggie
She is working on looming Saige--an American Girl keychain
Kate made a blanket for baby Landon
They all made tshirts
Most of the projects!


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