Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Katelyn Rose turned 8!

Our Katelyn Rose turned 8! It seems so old!! She had a low key birthday party today with 8 friends. I am thankful she is a kid that does not expect much since I am moving slow these days.

We started our day off with donuts and flowers.

The girls helped me make party food and I made cupcakes.

Once her friends got here they played a sponge water game, balloon toss, and had a water balloon fight.

They danced, ate, and played yard games.

For dinner Kate wanted a steak dinner, with corn, crescents, bernaise sauce, and we whipped that up for her.

She fell in love with a backpack at Walmart, so I surprised her with that and an American Girl cheerleader outfit that I held back for her. Sean and I also picked out some puppy essentials as we are supposed to be getting a new pup in a few weeks!

All in all she had a pretty good birthday!


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