Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Already a month in...

We have had a busy school year so far! We have been in session for about a month and a half and have made quiet a bit of progress! Do not get me wrong, some days my patience is stretched thin, but I wouldn't trade our days together for anything. We will see how things go when Landon comes. I do not anticipate much of a change, but we shall see!

The girls are getting a true test of what homework is (assigned outside the home). Joc and Kate both came home from co-op with quiet a bit to do. They also are in a Bible class at church on Monday afternoons and have quiet a bit of homework from there.

Along with co-op and Bible class...cooking and Art start back up this week and next...fun times!

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks!

Weston working on addition
Easton learning about Pawnee families
Weston working on Joseph's coat from the Bible
Easton in co-op learning about money
Easton playing a word Bingo game made by my mom
The kids making turtle sculptures
Joc working on the spelling words that she missed


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