Monday, December 12, 2016

Busy days!

We have had a busy month with lots of different things going on! We joined our Science museum again and the kids have enjoyed some of the homeschool classes over the past two months.  We took a year off from these classes, because they are kind of pricey if you are not a member.  
This past week the class was about levers, pivots, and catapults.  Each child made a little catapult and had a paper ball war at the end.  It was a great time.
The girls had their first dance recital.  It was a lot of work to prepare for it, but they both did a great job.  They are getting ready for competiton season and are traveling as far as Rochester.  They are pretty excited!
My parents are abandoning us once again and heading south, so we had them over for a nice lunch...along with my sis!
They also babysat the kids so Sean and I could go to his work party and party hard until 10pm...lam-o.  We are getting old!  The party was nice though!
The kids also made gingerbread houses.  I had a chiro appointment and I came home to Joc coordinating this activity.  They turned out pretty good!
Of course archery is keeping us busy!  The kids go shoot usually 2-3 times a week and Sean shoots quiet a bit.  We got awards form the quad shoot that we shot this past Spring/Summer.  I even got a plaque!  Landon is holding it in the pic!
We volunteer at a nursing home.  This month the kids read to the residents and some even read to us.  We also watched a VHS tape of Bing Crosby singing....interesting, but the residents enjoyed it.
I taught the girls how to sew a pair of shorts.  Both of the girls would like to be in the 4-H fashion show this next summer.  They have been out of town for the past 2 years, so we are hoping they will be around this year!
Landon is keeping us busy!  He turned 14 months today!  
Some days we do school on the spend the day at the Science Center doing Science or doing home-ec like making gingerbread houses and cleaning!  We do actual school as well, but I haven't taken very many pics.  I did have a flashback moment of my keyboard teaching days...I was giving Easton a verbal keyboard test and had him cover his hands while typing.  He did pretty good on the test!
Whelp that is our last few weeks in a nut shell!     

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