Monday, December 12, 2016

Weston Turned 6!

I am a bit late with posting this...but Weston turned 6 a few weeks ago!  We really timed his birth during the wrong time of year because it is always around Thanksgiving...but we did our best to celebrate! Weston was my brown hair little baby eskimo.  I had wanted a brown headed child...and I got it!  He was a chunky, monkey--weighing in at 11 lbs!   He is our shy little guy out in public--but trust me he does talk...and is full of stories.  He loves playing with legos, doing bike tricks, rollerblading, playing with his brother and friends, hunting, and shooting archery.  He wanted cupcakes and a lego tower decorated with lego people--so that is what he did.
We had my friend Becky's family over for his favorite lunch-hot dogs and chips!  
For dinner he wanted to go to Raising Canes and then in the evening we went to archery and he handed out cookies to everyone.

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