Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Zoo!

It is spring! Well I guess some days are spring! I had been wanting to go to the Omaha Zoo with the kids for quiet some time-- actually for the past 3 years-- the last time I went was when Jocelyn was 18 months and I was pregnant with Katelyn. We went in the blazing hot sun and I did not have fun waddling up all of those hills. Anyways, a friend of mine, Emily, gave me the push to go and we went. I invited a friend Reece and her baby girl to come along with us and Emily invited one her friends. We had a really nice time visiting all of the animals and the kids had a good time running around with each other. The weather was wonderful-- even though it got a little hot in the afternoon. If you have ever been to the Omaha zoo it is quiet a large zoo. We didn't make it around the entire thing, but saw the highlights. I can't wait to go back some day to finish it with the kids!

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