Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy at home doing fun things..

My girls (and Easton to a certain extent) love to color and do arts and craft type activities.  We have a lot of different options around the house from crayons, markers, bendaroos, play dough, paint, and many more little things.  I would have never considered pipe cleaners to be an exciting thing for the girls to play with...well they are.  They could play with pipe cleaners-- called Fazoodles for ever...ok...not forever...but for quiet a while.  So during our school time I thought it would be a neat activity to have the girls make their names with the Fazoodles.  Katelyn has been learning how to write her letters.  She is almost through the entire alphabet, so she described the letters and picked out the colors and I helped her form them into the letters of her name.  Jocelyn made her name also.  Lots of fun things to make with these Fazoodle pipe cleaners.  This set doesn't have eyeballs, but for Christmas Jocelyn is getting one from her Aunt & Uncle Lana and Jody and cousins.   She will be super excited!  Here are also a few pictures of other things we have worked on over the past few weeks.

Popcorn and gumdrop decorations
Katelyn decorated the inside of her snow globe...just a person:)

Jocelyn's snow globe

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