Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Children are truly a blessing...despite their issues

I will be completely honest with you, I am not the biggest fan of babies.  Don’t take that statement completely wrong.  I love babies to a certain degree.  I love the thought of bringing another blessing into this world.  I love cuddling with my own and watching them grow up.  I like the actual delivery process (ok the last 5 minutes of it).  I like seeing how their looks change into their own self.  I like how my own are almost immediately comforted when I pick them up.

But babies are a lot of work.  You have to plan around their feeding and napping schedule.  You have to change a million poopy diapers and then once you get that diaper changed…they poop again.  They can’t dress or feed themselves.  They cry non-stop while you are driving, so you attempt to feed them…again…even though they just ate before you walked out the door.  They sometimes only want mama to hold them…um I only have two arms you know.  They wake you up during the night.

On a brighter note…babies grow up and the baby stage is only temporary.  They get potty trained so you don’t have any more diaper changes; their nap schedules aren’t as strict.  They can dress themselves and clean up after themselves.  You don’t have to cut up their food in a million little pieces.  They can talk and walk.

Of course there are a new set of problems…discipline issues, fighting with siblings, bigger messes, they can talk and scream….

But all in all…having children is worth it!  I couldn’t imagine my life without my little ones running around here. 

One another note… It boggles my mind when people ask to hold one of my babies.  I have never been one to go up to someone and ask to hold there’s…I get nervous that they will cry or something…I get the mother’s touch and a baby knows who their mom is.  It is really nice when someone comes up to me and asks to hold my little baby…most of the time my arm feels like it is going to fall off…so thank you to those who have offered…I am always amazed!
An oldie but a goodie-- always have loved this picture-- this is Easton when he was 3 weeks--with Sean and the girls.
Weston-- 4 weeks 2 days and counting
Weston on his way home for the first time

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