Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week Two is Over!

We survived week two with Weston!  If I may brag, I personally think he is the sweetest little baby.  His temperament is similar to Jocelyn’s when she was a baby, as he is a pretty content baby boy.  He cries when he is hungry or tired….or wants me to hold him.  I am slowly adapting to a new schedule again of getting things done when he is napping.  My day revolves around 3 hour shifts of when he needs to be fed.  He can go longer throughout the day, but on average he eats every 3 hours.  Some nights have been easier than others.  On three different nights he slept until 5AM, then the next night 6AM, then 7 AM…and then right back to 3AM…so no consistency.  Wouldn’t that be great if already slept through the night!  I know the time will come, I just have to be patient.

This was a long, busy week.  We took the girls on our first family outing to gymnastics on Monday night.  I am glad Sean was there to see the girls in gymnastics and to help me with Easton.  The girls are both doing so well in gymnastics! We had a bit of drama in the locker room where my two little guys were basically attacked by a special needs teenager.  They are ok…just a scratch on Weston and a little bump on Easton’s head.  I was almost in tears when it was happening, because I didn’t see it coming and no one was helping me…just staring on.  Lovely!

On Wednesday, we stopped by Sean’s work so he could show off Weston.  Everyone was delighted to meet him and was shocked by his hair and size.  We ended up stopping at 5 different places in 3 hours.  All of the kids were troopers and Weston slept the entire time…thank goodness.  

That same evening after bible study in Omaha, my friend Erica, took the girls home with her, so they could play with her little girl for a few days.  Let’s just say Thursday was soooooooo nice.  I got so many things done with just having Easton and Weston here.  I didn’t have to stop every two minutes for the girls.  It was also so quiet around here. 

On Friday, I got to introduce Weston to my friends at MOPS.  It was so nice seeing everyone again, as it had been a month or two since I had seen many of my friends because we have been busy.  It was nice to have some friends there to hold him and give me a little break, as my arm feels like they are going to fall off some times.  But I am building muscle—right!?

Saturday was another day with no girls.  They were at my parent’s house in Omaha.  We missed having them with us, but it was definitely easier navigating the mall and eating at Old Chicago without them…and a lot cheaper! 

Sunday….I believe I am going to dread Sundays.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going to church, but in order for us to get out of the door by 8AM to make it there by 9AM, I need to get up by 5:30AM at the latest so I have enough time to get all of the kids and myself ready.  That is really early.  So today of course we were an hour late…even though I just had two kids and I didn’t even fix my hair.  It will be a challenge, but one of these days we will make it there on time…one of these days.  I also dread the afternoons on Sundays.  I for sure won’t be getting a well needed nap since the kids sleep on the way home.  I will be ok…just a bit grouchy when we get home because I am so tired, but there is so much to do. 

This next week is gearing up to be an extremely busy week.  More things going on than normal and more driving to Omaha.  It will be ok, I just need to prepare in advance for everything…and breathe!  Things will calm down after next week…hopefully!:)

This week I am thankful for many things:

Friends.  Friends who hold Weston.  Friends who help me out to my car.  Friends who have made meals for us.  Friends who e-mail me to see how things are going. 

My friend Erica, who called earlier in the week and offered to take the girls for a few days.  That was a really nice break away from chaos so I could get caught up on things.

My parents, once again who kept the girls this weekend.  I know it creates for a busy weekend for them, but it was nice.

Sean, who is finally feeling better and has helped hold Weston when I am in the middle of trying to get things done and has helped with the other kids when they seem to be deaf at times.

Easton…who has accepted that Weston is not going away any time soon.  I think we realized why he was so grouchy and cranky the first week…it was the girls.  He was pretty calm and quiet when they were away, but cranky again today.  I think he likes when he has more attention from Sean and I.  I am sure as he gets older he will get better and realize that none of his siblings are going anywhere.

Sorry for those who I have not gotten back to through e-mail.  It is a bit more difficult to sit down at the computer and type a long e-mail…so hopefully my blog will do for now.  I will try to update it a little more than once a week as things slow down.  

Many have asked if Weston looks like our other three...yes and no.  His face does, but he definitely has a lot more hair than the others and none of them had dark brown hair.  Here are pics from the first day of each of their lives.

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