Friday, June 10, 2011

It is strawberry time!

One of my most memorable activities last year was picking strawberries with the kiddos.  I could not wait to go again this year...and the kids were just as excited as I was.  We tried a different farm this year....Martin's Hillside Orchard in Ceresco.   We picked apples at this farm and I liked how is was smaller and more quaint than the one we went to last easier to get around with a stroller and little kids.  We met a few friends and enjoyed a beautiful morning picking away!  Jocelyn did a great job...Katelyn chose mostly to socialize and Easton pretty much ate the strawberries like last year.  Weston just hung out and chilled.  Last year we made jams, pies, and strawberry shortcakes.  This year we didn't pick as we just made some strawberry shortcakes and I froze the rest for smoothies.  
Enjoy the pictures!

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