Monday, June 20, 2011

Kick Off to Summer Party-- boo for the weather!

My friend Erica asked me if I wanted to help her plan a Kick off to Summer water party at our church.  I was all for it, as I know my kids love to play in the water and love to play with their friends from church.   We set up a date and started planning away.  Note to self-- weather in June-- not very reliable.  Our first date...windy, cloudy, rainy high in the 70's.  Boo!  Our second date....windy, cloudy, high in the upper 70's....40% chance of rain.  Boo!  So at the last minute we scratched the water part and Erica and I scrambled and came up with some fun relay type games.  We didn't take an official survey at the end...but I am thinking it was a hit....hopefully sometime this summer we can squeeze in a water party...maybe a good-bye to summer party?
Enjoy the pictures of the kids!

Kids lining up in age order
Jocelyn doing the running relay

balloon hop
The little ones playing

Jocelyn doing the balloon hop

Getting ready to start the egg on a spoon race
Katelyn doing the egg on the spoon race
Katelyn doing the 3-legged race

Chubby bunny contest

A few friends just hanging out watching their kiddos

Pass the ball with your leg contest

Waiting for the next activity

Easton just having fun

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