Thursday, July 7, 2011

Highlights of the last seven...long days.

 Have you ever had one of those weeks where you looked back and that event seems like it was forever ago?  I have.  These last seven days have gone so slow.  There have been several ups and downs, so this post is reflecting top ten highlights of the last seven days.  Hope everyone is having a good summer!

1.  I took the kids to Trago water sprayground last Thursday with some friends.  I love, love, love Trago.  It was a little over 100 degrees, so we only stayed for a little more than an hour, but we had fun!

2.  Watching my husband change more diapers than he probably has over the last 6 years of having kids.  Love him to pieces, but if you know Sean...he does not change diapers.  

3.  Spending the 3rd of July at our friends house in Blair, Nebraska.  I love watching the kids play, visiting with everyone, watching the excitement of our kids discovering fireflies, and watching an awesome private fireworks show.

4.  Last minute trip to an unknown small town about 20 minutes away from here to watch another fireworks show on July 4th.  Watching our kids set off fireworks with Sean.

5.  My mom coming to stay with us, so Sean could go back to work.  My mom is amazing...she brought a fridge full of meals for the week, has kept up on our laundry, helped me pack for our vacation, watched our kids, taken them to the park and on several walks, cleaned like crazy, and vacuumed out my car.

6.  Lots of sweet snuggles and naps with my little Weston boy.  We have laid down together and snuggled every nap time since last Friday.  Love watching him sleep.

7.  An answer to prayer.  Got in right away to a wonderful chiropractor in Lincoln.  He actually listened to what I had to say.  I actually got to talk to him and not his people.  He actually met with me for a good hour and went through all of my movements through out my day.  He actually figured out what was going on with my back.  His treatments have actually worked!!  I can walk and I think my muscle spasm is almost gone.  My legs are a bit sore, but the nagging pain I have had in my left leg for 2 years is gone for now!!!  (just a little side plug if you are in can visit his practice:  Trinity Chiropractic)

8.  My husband....he probably shouldn't be this far down on the list.  I am really grateful for him.  He spent his weekend off taking care of the kids and I.  I am sure that wouldn't have been his ideal way of spending his weekend, but it meant a lot to me.  Side note:  If you talk with him...don't ask him about his trip to Wal-mart with the kids.  Don't.  He is wrong and will probably never go grocery shopping for us again.
9.  Jocelyn.  Jocelyn.  Jocelyn.  She is almost 6 years old and has been extremely helpful this past week.  She has been my arms, back, and legs.  I don't know what I would do with out her.  She is getting so big.  Just yesterday my mom found her with the vacuum all set up vacuuming out my car.  Of course two days earlier she climbed in the trunk of my mom's car and locked herself in I guess she has some growing up to do.  Good thing we went out and checked on her!

10.  Love my other kids too.  They just have a little more growing up to do.  They have been helpful too...and I will leave you with this sweet video of Easton taking care of his brother.

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  1. Awesome, Julie! You have much to be thankful for! :)

    Also, I just had to say that I am SO glad you found Trinity Chiropractic - I went there after my car accident and LOVED it. I would go there regularly if it wasn't so far from my home, but Dr. Bryson is wonderful and I am glad that you are in his care.

    Hope you continue to feel better and that you and your family have a fantastic vacation!