Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Birthday fun for Katelyn & friends!

Katelyn has been talking about her 4th birthday...well pretty much non-stop for the last year.  She had it all planned out..it was going to be a Little Mermaid themed birthday party and she had already verbally invited just about everyone she knew.  I got so tired of hearing about it...non-stop...I decided to plan a surprise party, so the birthday chatter wouldn't intensify.  So after the kids went to bed, I spent my time making Ariel gift bags and getting ready for her party.  Most of her friends live in Omaha, so we took over my parents basement and had the party after church.  Here are a few pictures from that day!  Thank you to everyone who called or e-mailed on her birthday!!  It meant a lot to this little girl!
The gang + Easton

Getting ready to play a game!

Playing hot little mermaid game...they didn't quiet get how to play...the object was to NOT have the mermaid when music stopped...if you had you were out....so whoever had it was soooo excited and was happy to leave the game...hmmm??
Pin the tail on the mermaid game

Waiting to open presents
Stack-o-presents-- we gave each girl a little mermaid instead of a lot of trinkets in their gift bag
Katelyn showing off one her presents
I made these little mermaid totes...stole the idea off of etsy.com
On her actual birthday the girls had a friend over and we enjoyed cupcakes and played on our water slide.
All smiles with her cupcakes

 The evening of her birthday we went out to Cherries on Top...yum!

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