Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some random happenings!

It is Sunday.  I usually don't blog on Sunday, but we stayed home from church today to recoop a bit.  I was gone all day yesterday...from 7:30am-8:30pm.  Not used to that...I was drained.  Sean was out of town 3 days last week and is set to have a crazy busy week with more we needed a veg day.

This blog post is another random blog post with what has been going on with our little family.  Enjoy!

~~A few Sunday's ago I took the girls to a University of Nebraska gymnastics meet.   They are serious gymnasts, but they do take classes at the Y and enjoy them.  I thought this would be a fun little event and it was.  We met a friend there and the girls had a good time seeing how many gymnasts would wave to them.

After wards the girls met a few of the gymnasts.  These girls' were twins!
Here is a little pic of the girls & I.
and the girls with their friend Sarah.
~~Our cat.  A funny little thing.  Most of the time he just sleeps, but sometimes he has a funny little streak.  Like what I caught him doing this morning....

someone left a little trickle of water on in one of our bathroom sinks.
He is drinking the water....
Catching it with his paw....
and then licking it off of his paw.
I tell you what cats are really a lot more entertaining than dogs.  Our doggie Maggie just whines non-stop about her ball being stuck underneath something.  I think I am becoming a cat lady.

~~We had a few firsts over the past few months!
Sean skied for the first time in the great mountains of Iowa!!  Well ok...bluffs, but we will just say they were big mountains in regards to the flatlands of Iowa.

Our first lesson was on the coldest night of the year.  I had friends texting me and sending me e-mails saying...are you crazy?  Yes.  Do you have any idea what the temp is going to be? Yeppers...we did and we were prepared.  We bundled up and we were not cold at all.  The other gals in my class...not so much.  There was even a news story on one of the local stations about that very day how many braved the cold.  Funny.
Sean did ok for his private lesson.  I caught on really fast in my ladies class...since I had been before back in high school.  Sean has a few issues due to his height.

We took another lesson just last weekend and we feel we are good to go for next weekend when we hit the real (bunny) slopes of Vail, Colorado!

~~Another first for me was learning how to shoot a gun.  I was a little nervous to learn, but it wasn't as hard as I had anticipated.  I can't wait until our entire family learns how to shoot to we can do things together.  Patience...I know.   I took a conceal and carry class yesterday and passed...woohoo!  Now lots of paper work to file with the State Patrol and after they process the paperwork I can legally carry a gun!

Easton caught a pic of me practicing at home.
~~This is what happens when a little boy wakes up super early...he can't make it through lunch.  My friend Erica recommended a special little alarm that turns green...signaling that it is ok for the child to come out of their room.  So we purchased this little clock.  The green wasn't working out so well, because their lights are bright and Wes doesn't know his colors yet.  So we switched it to alarm mode.  They do pretty good staying in their rooms until 7am.  Sometimes they forget, but they usually go right back.  Sometimes...I am "that" mean mom who turns their alarm off...and they stay in their room...patiently...waiting for their alarm to go off until like 7:45-8AM so I can sleep in.  I didn't feel bad at all.
had to throw this pic in...our grocery bill is getting larger and larger.  Totally fine...we have to eat, but Weston licking up every last drop!

~~We got 4 inches of snow last week and we are gearing up to get a few more inches this week.  I took the kids to play out in the snow for around 20 minutes or so.  They don't last long.  I need to buy better gloves.  The ones I got for this year, don't stay on, so then the put their cotton ones on and they get all wet.  So 20 minutes....but they had fun.  I believe it took me an hour or so to gather everything and get everyone dressed.  Oh well. 

                                                                                                                                                   ~~Kate lost her first tooth.  She is 5, so we were kind of surprised. She is gearing up to lose 3 more according to our dentist.
~~We moved our art cabinet from our laundry room to the school room.  I don't mind if the girls get into the art stuff unattended, but the boys...they are messy.  So I put this on it.  Sad.  I know.  I feel they are getting better at not getting into things, but then they regress a bit.  Boys.  Love them though!
~~And last pray for us for this coming week.  We are getting more snow.  Sean is traveling by car for work related things.  The girls have their Science Fair.  My parents are graciously keeping the kids for 4 Sean and I can fly out to Colorado.   Busy times!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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