Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Party!!

Every month I plan a meet-up for local homeschooling families.  Because of this meet-up we have made some pretty good friends.  If you have little ones friends are pretty important.  For adults...just the same! 

This months meet-up was a Valentines Party at our house!  There were 18 kiddos in all!! I love throwing parties!  My aunt has stocked the kids up with Valentines decor thanks Nan for all of the paper products!!

I had to take a picture of my kiddos:)  Aren't they so cute?:) 
Each child was supposed to bring 1 Valentine to exchange.

These are ours.
This is a pic of the groups.  Such cute Valentines.  We then had a little exchange and everyone ended up with a Valentine.
I had the kids assemble their own goodie bags and mom's went away with some chocolate popcorn treats as well!  The cookie tray is empty...I didn't want the boys to snatch them.  The girls made heart shaped rice crispy treats and we dipped them in chocolate and covered them with sprinkles.  So cute!  Thanks Pinterest!  Jocelyn made heart crayons for everyone.  We also gave away glow sticks, pencils, and skittles!
We played BINGO!
and the kids made Valentines for a loved one.  It was so sweet...some made Valentines for their friends at the party!


 We also collected nickels for nets!  You can find out more info:  HERE.  My friend Erin's little guy is collecting them!  Jocelyn counted them after the party.

 All in all it was a great party!!

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