Thursday, May 16, 2013

2nd Annual A Day at the Races!

For my homeschool meet-up group, I coordinated our 2nd "A Day at the Races"...yes I gave it an official name.  I should make t-shirts next year.....anyways, last year was fun and this year was just the same. 

A total of 26 kiddos participated and there were many little's just playing on their own.  It was a beautiful morning to be outside! 

I planned a total of 7 games.  If you are ever coordinating a similar event here are a few ideas...easy, but the kids had a good time:

1.  Kick a ball around the cone and back...easier said than done for a lot of the kids.  The bouncy ball (and tall grass) didn't help.
2.  Put a cone on your head and walk to the cone and back.
3.  Simply run to the cone and back.
4.   Put on a helmet and hold a spoon with an egg on it...with a partner.  The egg does the helmet.  Tricky.
5.  Four people grab a hold of the corner of a towel and run together...but they must keep a ball in the towel the entire time.
6.  Hide eggs in the field.  Each takes turns to find an egg.  After all of the eggs are collected, the team receives point totals for the eggs.  For example pink eggs might be worth 2 points, yellow only 1.  The team with the most points wins that game.
7.  Hide a whole bunch of random objects around the field...shovels, shoes, eggs, balls, flags etc.  The team captain reads off an item and the kids take turns finding the specific item. 

Here is a little picture recap of the morning events!  (thanks Donna R for taking some great photos!)

Me...getting the groups ready to go!
All smiles!
Love this pic of Miss Farrow!
Big kids helping little sweet!
Cheering on their team!
Joc walking with a cone on her head.
Easton doing the same.
Towel run!
Easton is so cute in his pink helmet....:)
Joc and her friend Gracie getting ready to go!
He found where a spot where he belongs...dirt!
Adding up the point value of their eggs!
Just running!

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