Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mission Accomplished!:)

I decided to be wild and crazy last December and sign up for Lincoln, Nebraska's half marathon.  This is an event I have seen on TV and in the papers.  I have heard stories from friends about how much fun it is.  I...(and 10,000 other people) filled up the registration spots in less than 15 hours.  If it filled up that must be the "have to participate in" event. 

My longest run up to that point was 8 miles.  I knew I had some major training to do.  I needed to build strength, work on speed, and work on hills.  I had a wide open schedule starting in February and my training plan was set!   I don't want to have any excuses except I am proud at how the 1/2 marathon turned out for me.  I know I could have trained harder and better.  I know I could have been more careful climbing retaining walls and not have sit out of training for a few weeks.  I know I could have probably pushed myself a lot harder today...but you know what...I did it! 

I can now say I ran a 1/2 marathon!  

Some fun (or not so fun facts about the 1/2 marathon)!  Just so I don't have to repeat myself a million times...and in case anyone wants to train with me next year....

-This morning was friggin cold.  The entire run was pretty chilly!  Thank goodness for my jacket!  I was really surprised that my arms remained pretty frigid through out the race.
-Friends and family are pretty sweet to see along the way.  They really kept me going!  Really.  My first friend was supposed to be a mile 2.5 but came down with the stomach!  My next was at mile 5 and then my family was at mile 6!  Oh how good it was to see them.  My hubs passed me a snack and I kissed each of them and went on my way.  I then got a well needed high 5 from my chiropractor at mile 7 and then some friends were stationed at the top of "the hill".  Their hugs!  So nice!  They passed me off my 2nd snack!  I then got some cheers from my chiropractors secretary.  So if you are planning on running a long race....find out where friends will be!  It really keeps you going!

-There were all sorts of things that people gave out...I did not partake in any of them (except for one).  People gave out jelly beans, snacks, ice-pops, alcoholic shots, water, orange juice, donuts...but the best thing was kleenexs!  I wore my friends handana so that helped (thanks Megan for letting me snot it all up), but a fresh kleenex was!

 -Pacers are my friends.  I started off with the 2:45 pace group.  I looked at their split times and said to myself...I got this this.  Um...well they took off in the wind...I wanted to pace myself a bit slower I guess.  I felt like I was going fast...maybe because there were a lot of walkers.  Then the 2:50 passed me at mile 6.  Darnit.  I still had to go to the bathroom.  If 2:55 tried to pass me...I was going to freak out.  If 3:00 even attempted to get close...I was going to trip them.  Well probably not really...but it would have been tempting....but I would have probably been DQ'ed.   So at mile 10 ish...the 2:55 pacer came up on me.  I told him quiet clearly that he was NOT allowed to pass me!  He asked me what my goal was and I said anything under 3:00.  He assured me if I stuck with him he would get me there.  Sure enough, he kept a close eye on me and when I slipped behind me, he kept track of me until I made it back up.  The other girl pacer was also encouraging.  I passed them at the last mile and finished right at 2:55!  Woot!
Me at 6.1!
 -I will not be walking normal for the next few days.  My body feels pretty good except for my lower back area.  My feet don't really hurt...thanks to great socks, body guide, AND great running shoes.  My lower legs don't hurt (right now)...I am surprised because that was my biggest concern because I have a knot from my retaining wall accident that still sits on my leg.   I have lower back spasm issues so I am really not surprised.  Spending my Christmas money on a massage tomorrow night...maybe they can work out the kinks!?!  I hope so!

-My next goal-- working on my 10k pace.  That will be my sole focus this spring/summer!  I really want to participate in the Market 2 Market 78 mile relay in October...however my 10k pace needs to be under 11 mins per mile!  I have a lot of work to do....and know I can run 1 mile in under 10 minutes!  If I have come this far in a year....I can come a little bit farther over the summer!

-Will I do this next husband asks?  I hope so.  I am hoping to have someone to train with next year.  The training was a bit lonely this year.  It would have been nice to have someone to run with, but I know that I was on the slow end and most of my friends are pretty fast.
Best quote of the day-- from my lovely husband--after dinner-- "Hey you better be nice to me....I had a long day!"  Um...say what?  Thanks for hauling the kids around this you!
Sweet hugs from my littles!

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  1. I remember seeing your kids I think! So cute! Congrats on your first 1/2 marathon!!!