Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's strawberry time!!

My kids and I LOVE when strawberry season rolls around!  We have made it out to the patch the past few years and we always enjoy our time picking away.  The past few years have been hard for me to pick because I have either had a toddler to chase around, pregnant, or one year my back was out so it was hard for me to bend over.  Some years it is just way too hot to be in the fields.  This year was perfect!  Well for the first 45 minutes....

We live 35 minutes away from Martin's Hillside Orchard.  I woke the kiddos up super early and we made it to the patch a few minutes after it opened.  I was watching the radar on my phone as I was driving....not recommended...and there was a storm moving in from the East right towards the orchard.  Our knew our time would be limited so we had to pick fast.  When we first arrived there were a few families already picking....8:45am hit....the orchard was now filled with people and it started pouring!  We ran to our car to get our umbrellas so we could get to the barn to pay. 

All in all my kiddos did an awesome job picking!  Weston just enjoyed having me hand him strawberries and put them his bucket.  The 3 older kids did a great job knowing what to pick this year.  We ended up with 18 lbs over all!

I had to snap quick...because we were in a hurry....

 So what do we do will all of these strawberries??....well we gave quiet a few away to friends and family.  We freeze a few lbs.  The kids like them in their oatmeal...helps cool it down.  We have strawberry shortcakes and make jelly.  But most of all we just like to eat them with meals!
Thank goodness for a helper!
Jocelyn is helping stir the jelly!
It turned out OK.  It didn't set as it was supposed to, but the kids LOVE it. 

Strawberry Flashback!!

 2010-- Weston is in my tummy!

 Can't wait for next year!!!

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