Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Maybe I am just weird...ok don't answer that...but I love attending homeschooling conferences.  I have attended a local one for 4 years now, but this year I branched out and attended a national conference called Teach Them Diligently.  It was held in Omaha, Nebraska...very convenient since I already have free lodging and childcare providers (my 'rents):)

This conference was huge!  There were over 5000 people in attendance.   Families drove from all over the country to attend this event!  There were over 150 1-hour workshops to choose from...overwhelming!  I attended 13 workshops in total...but purchased the entire conference on MP3.  I have earmarked 45 must listen to workshops...and I have 37 more to listen to!  Can't wait.

Some highlights from the conference:

Kids conference:  I wasn't crazy about their layout and having to pick the kids up for their lunch break...but we managed.  Our three older kids were able to attend and they all had a great time!

Meeting a blogger from Texas:  I have been following Laugh with Us blog for some time now.  The writer is a friends, sisters, sister-in-law...small world.  It was nice meeting her and her family!

Photo From Laugh with us:
 Hanging out with friends:  A group of friends rented rooms at the Hilton and it was nice hanging out with them in the evenings.  Such a fun, fun group of women.  I still think I am recovering from the late nights hanging out.

Jo--sharing her collection of beads...meaning millions of beads.  She let everyone make pretty bracelets...I was too tired to focus on a string!
Great speakers:  There were quiet a few nationally known speakers.  I could write a million posts reviewing all of the workshops....so I am going to just highlight a few things from my notes:

Ken Ham (From Answers in Genesis)
~~Many people in today's society claim they are Christians...yet discount Genesis altogether.
~~Kids are straying away from the faith at alarming numbers in the middle school/high school level...and more so in the college level.
~~2 Corinthians 11:3--  But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

Heidi St. John (From the Busy Homeschool Mom)
~~Remember the goal of homeschooling...not to have the smartest kids, but to have Godly kids.
~~Expect opposition:  spiritually, from family, friends, children.
~~Adjust for life.  Successful homeschoolers are flexible.
~~Listen for the Lord.  Be in the word.  Listen to your spouse.
~~Let go of legalism.
~~Enjoy the journey...even though it isn't easy.  Don't give up on your kids.
~~Goal is discipleship...education in never neutral.
~~Be amazed at what your kids do!
~~Don't make homeschooling complicated.
~~Organize your home for success.
~~Stop wasting time.
~~It's not time management-- It's me management!  We all have the same 24 hours in a day.
~~Check your priorities-- things in order of importance-- Spiritual life, marriage, family home, homeschool, and outside activities.
~~Clear the emotional and physical clutter.
~~Have two days totally free...and unscheduled.
~~Guard your time.  It is precious and you don't get it back.
~~Be intentional
~~Remember the reason
~~Finish well!
~~The goal of the enemy is to create separateness
~~Be that girl.

Hal & Melanie Young (from Raising Real Men)
~~Resist feminizing our boys.
~~Give them something to aim for like heroes and protectors
~~Help them see the "why".
~~Love your sons.  Don't whine..train them!

Jeannie Fulbright (from Apologia Science)
~~If the reason we learn is to score well on a test...we have lost sight in the purpose of education.

Pam Tebow (from Bob Tebow Evangelical Association)
~~Love your children and give them grace.
~~Fearful parents have fearful kids.
~~We don't have to be supermoms or superdads because we have a super God!
Voddie Baucham (from Grace Family Baptist Church )
~~God does not call us to prepare our children for college...he calls us to prepare our children for heaven.
~~College is not for everyone.  A lot of times it is for a parent to fulfill their "lost" dream or for bragging rights for parents.
~~A degree is sometimes a million dollar myth.  Don't waste time and money getting a degree where you can simply internship for it.  You don't automatically become a CEO without hard work on the job.
~~Idolatry-- we will do anything for a piece of paper...even if we go in debt.
~~People say nothing about going into debt over a college education...try buying a $100,000 car...see what people have to say then.
~~There are other options out there where you don't have to lose your child to a university.  College Plus offers 4 year degree programs...you can start at 14 years old and finish a degree in 2 years...and it only costs $10,000-$15,000.

I could go on!  I think they should rename the conference Teach ME diligently....because I learned quiet a bit.  Can't wait to start the new school year...refreshed!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Julie. I attended also and agree it was a great conference!