Monday, October 6, 2014

Random happenings!

A lot has been going on in our little lives! So this is a post of randomness!

Last week we went to a class about bees. It is amazing what I am learning on my journey to re-educating myself. I hardly remember anything that I learned in school. Sad...but true.

Bees are such fascinating creatures...did you know that the more stressed out and tense you get around bees...the more carbon dioxide your body releases...the more likely you will get stung? Who knew!?

Did you know that bees are attracted to the color red...which they see as the color black? Who knew!? So if you are heading to a place where bees might be..don't wear red!

After the class we headed over to a local beekeepers backyard and got to see live bees. Of course my boys had to be up close and personal. Luckily no one got stung!

This past weekend, I took the kids to probably the worst circus I have ever been to. Granted I have only been to two circuses in the past...but sorry...a circus with just performers is boring to me. They did have two lousy dogs in an act. But I expected a lot more. It was overpriced to begin with...and then after most acts they tried to sell you something else like $7 photos with a minion, a small bag of peanuts for $2.00, a balloon on a stick for $3...and over priced light up toys. Then at the end they tried recruiting people out of the audience to help take down the circus thank you.

Here is a pic of the boys during the dog act....

This week is our last week of fall co-op! Tear! I will miss seeing everyone on a weekly basis. The kids (and I) have had so much fun!

On a few of the days it has been nice enough to play at the park afterwards. I love that the older kids still like playing with the younger ones! I snapped a shot of a game of red rover.






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