Thursday, February 26, 2015

A few fun happenings:)

Yesterday I mentioned that I hadn't blogged in a while...I am vowing to do better:). I know my mom counts on it...

We have been pretty busy with activities. Soccer starts up soon for the Spring. Two littles will be playing. Then the other two will be playing t-ball and softball. Summer is already in full swing....only joking. But doesn't it seem like once summer events are being announcement schedules fill up fast! Looking forward to the summer...I am so done witht his cruddy winter weather!

We are part of two different homeschool groups so that keeps us pretty busy. Even if we are not taking part in a structured activity it is always nice to have friends around during the day to do things with.

This past week we went bowling with friends. So much fun! The kids hadn't been in a while!

We went the circus on Tuesday afternoon with some of the same friends. My kids just love the circus. It is nice that they change the acts up from year to year.

And we have just been plain busy with school and various classes that the kids take on the side like Art and Cooking.

Some sketches from Art class

Love our little life with these little munckins!


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