Friday, February 27, 2015

Sometimes I need a little push!

A few weeks ago we had unexpected snowstorm that pretty much caught everyone off guard. We had a jammed packed day planned...but it was kind of nice having an unexpected day home instead. I do not like driving in snow at all. So if I really do not have to be anywhere...then we are home!

At lunch Sean, my lovely husband, said that I should take the kids to the hill to go sledding. Um...hello...I do not drive in snow. He said I would be fine and they would have fun. Plus everyone else was in school, so we would have first dibs at all of the fresh snow. So the risk taker that I am...(not) we slowly ventured out to the one hill in town...not joking. It is where the rubble of a tornado back in the 70's was piled. I had never been, so I had no clue where to park. We ended up parking in the wrong lot...quiet far from the hill. The kids and I were beat and windblown by the time we actually made it to the hill. Hats were flying off, gloves were being lost, I ended up carrying all of the sleds. It was so windy! But in the end 3 out of 4 kids had fun! Easton checked out earlier than the others. I tried to take lots of pictures but with the wind and was tricky!

Our trek to the hill!
Easton chose the small hill
I had to bribe them to leave...



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